When to travel to Georgia is very common question.

Georgia month by month.

Visitors often ask, when it is the best time to travel in Georgia? What to do in winter, or what will be the weather be like in October, is it possible to go to Tusheti in May or do rafting in September? In this article I will try to give most answers to such questions, to help you plan your trip in Georgia and make right decisions.


The best time in January to travel is New Year period and the most popular places in bussing capital of Georgia  – Tbilisi and ski resorts are- Gudauri, Bakuriani and Mestia.

In Tbilisi temperature is normally above 0 up to 10 degrees Celsius, but some years it can go below zero, so take warm clothes. In ski resorts be ready for -10 -15.

Also a nice place to visit will be Kakheti. Good wine 🍷 will warm you up in cold winter day.


February is low season. In Easter Georgia it’s usually sunny but cold. If you travel in Georgia in February, you will enjoy popular places without crowds of tourists. Recommendations are the same as for January.


First month of spring is still very chilly and weather is often unpredictable. We Georgians say mad March because of that. It can be sunny and warm the morning, but very windy in the noon and snow in the evening. So be ready for everything.

Recommendations are the same as for winter months. You still can ski if you like.


Finally you can feel Spring and it gets warm, but still weather is absolutely unpredictable.

Best places to travel in April is lowland. Very good time to explore cities – Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

On sunny days it is highly recommended to visit Kakheti. Alazani valley is the best when you can see flowerring peach gardens and snow capped Caucasus mountains. Also in dry weather it is recommended to visit Vashlovani National Park or David Gareja monastery.

Western Georgia will be also fine in April, when the weather is mild and it is not hot. If you are landing in Kutaisi, explore Imereti and Samegrelo regions. You can visit caves and canyons, enjoy local wines and food.


From the end of April high season is starting.

May is usually very good time to travel to Georgia. Nature is fresh and green. Temperature very mild, in lowland arround 20-25 degrees, weather more predictable.

Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi are still nice. Very good time for Kakheti tours.

Fantastic time for Samtskhe-Javakheti. Mtkvari gorge is full of historical monuments: Vardzia and Vanis kvabebi cave monasteries, Khertvisi and Tmogvi fortresses, stunning Saro megalith fortress and much more. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking in Borjomi-Kharagauli national park.

For western Georgia May is also perfect time. Racha is very beautiful this time, but it is a bit early for Svaneti. However, if you go there for hiking, it can be challenging because of snow on high passes.

May is also great time for rafting.


Hot summer starts, but June is not as busy as July and August, and also not so hot.

In the cities it gets hotter, but still not too hot to enjoy.

From mid of June roads to Khevsureti and Tusheti opens, so you can visit those high mountain regions, where spring starts in June.

For trekking in Svaneti very good time, as it is not very busy yet, but rainy weather is very frequent.

Normally temperature is around 30 degrees in lowland and 20-25 in mountains. For high mountains take warm jackets and raincoats are must.

If you are visiting seaside, it is warm enough to swim and normally not too hot.

Rafting is also recommended, as water level in rivers is maximal.


High season for everything. In the cities it gets too hot. Not the best time to explore Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi, unless you can easily handle 35-40 degrees. For Kakheti is also not the best time, of course you can enjoy food and wine, but here is also hot and because of heat air is not transparent, so you won’t enjoy views of Caucasus mountains from Alazani valley.

Fantastic time for high mountains. Only from July to beginning of September you can do such challenging trekking as Atsunta Pass or Tobavarchkhili lakes. In Svaneti you can explore every corner and Racha still try rafting or hike.

For lowland Imereti and Samegrelo too hot and humid.


Hot season goes on! In Tbilisi nothing happens. It’s very hot, 35-40 degrees and most people take vacation and go outside of the city. Theaters are closed, m9st clubs also do not work in Tbilisi.

On the opposite side Batumi is full and bussing. If you want to enjoy seaside city and nightlife, then Batumi will be a good choice, even there is very hot and humid.

High mountains give some relief in summer heat, so the best option is to skip directly to the mountains. In Tusheti and Khevsureti you will have chance to participate in local festivals. Perfect time for trekking. For rafting it is a bit late, but in Racha- Lechkhumi still possible to catch wave.


Finally hot summer months are over!  September is the best time. Trekking in high mountains is still nice. In the cities temperature goes down and life returns to Tbilisi.

It is best time for any activity.

In September in Kakheti grape harvest time starts, so tourists can participate in this. Also David Gareja and Vashlovani became nice destinations again, as in summer there is too hot.

Weather in September is usually very good,  sunny and warm.


If October is sunny then it is the best month for photographers.  Forests change colors first in high mountains and finally in lowland.  Again recommended places are Svaneti, as it is the most beautiful and Borjomi-Kharagauli national park.

Trekking season finishes, as in high mountains snowfalls can start any time.

Perfect time for food & wine tours. For Cultural tours it is also good time.

First half of October is your last chance to visit Tusheti or Khevsureti. After mid of October road is not cleaned anymore and closes officially.

Don’t forget raincoats!  Take jackets too, if you are going to visit Svaneti, take warm clothes too.


Usually November is low season. Weather still can be nice. If you visit Georgia in this month,  then you will enjoy sightseeing without crowds.

Good time to explore Tbilisi, Kakheti, Vardzia and western Georgia lowland.

Weather is pretty cold but not freezing. In mountains it can snow.


For skiing it’s still early, usually season opens by 20 December. So if you are visiting Georgia explore Tbilisi and enjoy Kakheti, where it is relatively warm. Learn more about snow in Georgia.

December is also low season. Temperature in Tbilisi is around 0.

In conclusion, Georgia is good to visit any time of a year, depends on what you are looking for.

If you choose the right time for right places, then you really won’t regret about the time spent in Georgia.

Have a wonderful trip!