Highlander travel offers 3 day horse riding in Svaneti tour for people who already have experience in horse riding. For amateurs we offer one day horse tours to Koruldi lake or Zuruldi mountain horse tour in Svaneti from Mestia. 3 day professional horse tour doesn’t include arrival and departure from Svaneti, so in general it will be 5 day tour. Horse route goes from Mestia to Ushguli, via Jabeshi, Adishi and Iprali, and back to Mestia via car road.

Day 1: Breakfast in guesthouse in Mestia. Start horse riding to Adishi via Mulakhi community. On the way view mountain Tetnuldi and picturesque village Lakhiri. Arrival to the guesthouse in Adishi. Dinner and rest.

Day 2: Continue riding to Iprali. On the way tourists will cross the river and pass the highest point of trail – 2790 m. After Iprali route gest much easier. Arrival to Ushguli. Dinner and overnight in Ushguli. Ushguli is known as highest permanent village in Europe, and because its unique architecture is listed by UNESCO as world heritage site.

Day 3: Walk or ride around Ushguli, ride to Shkhara glacier, from where river Enguri starts. Shkhara is the highest mountain of Georgia – 5068 m. Ride to Mestia via car road. Dinner and rest in guesthouse Mestia.

Tour package includes:

  • Guesthouses in Mestia, Adishi and Ushguli, HB meals
  • Horse rental
  • Guide service

horse riding in Svaneti Tour package cost:

PAX 2 4 6 8 10 12
Price 410$ 349$ 324$ 313$ 307$ 303$

One day tours price: Here accommodation and food is not included.

PAX 2 4 6 8 10 12
Price 82$ 61$ 55$ 51$ 49$ 48$

*Prices might change in future