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Since Kutaisi International Airport started to operate, demand on tours from Kutaisi are only rising.

Currently Kutaisi international Airport receives direct flights from many Eastern European cities, and also Abu Dhabi. So the second capital of Georgia welcomes more and more foreign visitors.

We have team of professional guides and drivers from Kutaisi, with who, we can offer you the best tours from Kutaisi.

We are creating one day tours from Kutaisi and whole tour packages starting and ending in Kutaisi, to meet your needs.

If there is tour which we still do not offer from Kutaisi and you are landing there – no problem, contact us and we will adapt our tours to your needs and flight itinerary.

Kutaisi, the vibrant and historic city in western Georgia, offers a plethora of tours for visitors to explore the stunning surrounding countryside and nearby attractions.

From hiking and exploring scenic waterfalls to visiting caves, canyons, and ancient monasteries, there is something for everyone. Visitors can also take a wine-tasting tour to sample the local wine cellars or go on a cultural excursion to learn about the rich history and traditions of the region.

From $800
Mysterious Georgia - cultural tour around Georgia from Kutaisi for those who gets cheap flights to Kutaisi from East Europe
8 Days
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