New Wine Festival 2023 date is announced on 13 May

March 14, 20230
New Wine Festival 2023

We cordially extend an invitation to you for the New Wine Festival 2023, set to take place on the 13th of May. As is tradition, the esteemed Mtatsminda Park shall be the esteemed host of this grand occasion.

The festival has received unrelenting support from the National Wine Agency and shall be aided by the informative Vinoge website and the Wine Information Center. Additionally, Mtatsminda Park, wine bar G.Vino/G.Vino, a chain of wine shops “8000 Mosavali”, and the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia shall also stand as proud partners of this event.

As always, the New Wine Festival is free of charge for all to attend and promises a plethora of opportunities to taste and savor hundreds of novel wines from the last harvest (2022), meet their creators, and bask in the glory of new flavors.

The principal aim of the New Wine Festival is to popularize the traditional Georgian Kvevari wine, discover new varieties and locations, elevate the standard of wine education within the nation, and foster a culture of consumption that appreciates the craft of winemaking.

Since its inception in 2010, the festival has grown in both size and popularity. Emerging family wineries and wine companies take center stage to offer guests a tantalizing glimpse of their latest vintage wines.

Beyond producers, both domestic and foreign wine connoisseurs, writers, bar restaurants, and lovers eagerly anticipate the new wine festival every year. For several years running, world-renowned wine masters, sommeliers, importers, and wine writers have marked their calendars and prepared themselves to sample the finest Georgian wines.

This year’s New Wine Festival shall take place once again at Mtatsminda Park, and welcomes all Georgian wine enthusiasts on the 13th of May, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Large wine companies, medium-sized and small wineries, as well as family wineries from different parts of Georgia, shall proudly showcase their finest wines from the last harvest (2022) to guests of the festival.

The allure of the New Wine Festival lies in the endless variety and the discovery of new tastes, as guests are given the chance to meet directly with wine producers and gain a deeper understanding of the wines they taste and love.

The New Wine Festival 2023 shall commence with the customary ceremony of opening the Kvevri, accompanied by a multi-day jam. This pitcher usually contains the best wine pressed in the family cellar, carefully selected by the wine club.

The doors to this splendid event are open to all guests. A vibrant atmosphere with delightful music and a fun program awaits you. Ten boxes of the best wine shall be raffled off, and many more surprises are in store for you to discover.

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