Travel to Georgia FAQ

Get answers to all your questions about traveling to Georgia with our Travel to Georgia FAQ. Learn about visas, currency, transportation, etc

Travel to Georgia FAQ

All you need to know before traveling

What are tour prices?

We organize private tours. Prices are given per person in groups of 2. If there are more people, then the price will drop from 20 to 50%. For the final price check the checkout page or contact us. Any tour can be modified according to client's wish.

What kind of tours do you offer?

We offer cultural and adventure tours around Georgia. This includes hiking and horse riding tours in the mountains, jeep tours, wine tours, and sightseeing.

Entry requirements in Georgia

Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the most updated information MFA.GOV.GE.

What is the current COVID-19 situation in Georgia?

Now almost all restrictions are erased. Face masks are not requested anymore.

Do I need the COVID-19 vaccine for Georgia?

If you don't have a vaccination certificate, you will need PCR test before entering Georgia.

Are ATMs everywhere available?

In all cities, like Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, and in smaller towns also ATMs are widely available. Credit and debit cards are also accepted. But for villages, especially in mountain regions, you will need cash.

Is tipping customary in Georgia?

Tipping isn’t expected, but it’s welcome. When in a restaurant, just round up the bill.

What currency is better to bring to Georgia?

USD and Euro is easy to exchange everywhere. In the airport is possible to exchange other less popular currencies but in the city it can be problematic. Please check the exchange rate carefully.

How good is cellular coverage in Georgia?

Georgia has good mobile phone coverage. Ensure you have global roaming activated with your carrier if you wish to use your phone.

Can I drink tap water in Georgia?

Yes, tap water is considered safe to drink.

When to travel to Georgia?

Georgia is fine in all four seasons. Depends on what are you looking for. Please read the detailed article here: When to travel to Georgia?

Is Georgian food good for vegetarians?

Yes, there are a lot of vegetarian options in Georgia, even vegan options are available.

Can I order a private tour guide in Georgia here?

Yes, sure! We are specializing in private tours and tailored itineraries. We are collaborating with professional and experienced private guides. We have driver/guides as well in our team. So with us, you will get the best private tour guide in Georgia.

Which language is spoken in Georgia?

Official and the most common language in Georgia is Georgian. Majority of young people speaks also English. Older generation can speak Russian. We have private guides who speak English, Russian and German.

Is it better to hire car with driver in Georgia, or without driver?

We do not recommend to hire car without driver in Georgia. Google maps are not always right in Georgia, local driver/guides know the roads and know road conditions, which is not always perfect.
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