Regular tours to Ushguli from Mestia

We have new offer for independent travelers in Svaneti – regular guided tours to Ushguli from Mestia. Don’t miss winter wonderland! Tours are for small groups – up to 6 persons. Guided tours to Ushguli take place every Saturday during winter season 2020. During guided tour tourists will see Ugviri pass, Tower of love, River […]

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Kvirikoba in Svaneti

On 28 July in Svaneti is may be the most important local festival – Kvirikoba, also known as Lagurka. Every year before down on 28 July all people from Svaneti gathers at st. Kvirike and Ivlita’s church. There traditional sacrificions and competitions take place. Also is prepared special sacral brad – lemzir. If one wants […]

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Winter in Svaneti

View new offer – Winter tour in Svaneti Svaneti, also called the land of thousand towers, is the most mysterious, hard to get and highland region of Georgia. It is also very popular tourism destination, because of it’s unique local culture, picturesque landscapes and architecture. Winter in Svaneti is not less amazing then summer time. […]

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