Regular tours to Ushguli from Mestia

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We have new offer for independent travelers in Svaneti - regular guided tours to Ushguli from Mestia. Don't miss winter wonderland! Tours are for small groups - up to 6 persons. Guided tours to Ushguli take place every Saturday during winter season 2020. During guided tour tourists will see Ugviri pass, Tower of love, River

Tour to Svaneti – Perl of Caucasus

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Svaneti - crown of Caucasus - the most mysterious and magnificent part of Georgia. As it is told - if you haven't seen Svaneti - then you haven't seen Georgia. It is not enough only to see Svaneti, one has to feel it, and if tourist will feel it, then never will forget. We offer you unforgettable travel to Svaneti, to see its natural beauty and feel it's spirit.

Svaneti tour in paradise

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New 6 day tour to Svaneti with Highlander travel. During the tour tourists will visit the most important places on the way – ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, which is listed by UNESCO as world heritage site, carved in rock ancient pagan city – Uplistsikhe and Gelati monastery and academy near Kutaisi – also UNESCO’s world heritage site. After this tourists will continue to Svaneti and learn unique cultural heritage of this misterious highland land and see it’s wild nature. Tour includes visiting museums and historical districts of Mestia, where are saved ancient Svan towers and houses, Latali village with it’s unique churches, and remote village Ushguli – also belongs to UNESCO heritage sites. Beside this tourists will hike to Chalaadi glacier, and ride to Ushba plateau to lakes Koruldi.

Wine, mountains and sea – best tour in Georgia

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Highlander travel offers fascinating tour in Georgia, during which tourists will see capital of Georgia – Tbilisi, learn about wine making traditions, visit town Signagi. Travel to the most highland and picturesque region of Caucasus – Svaneti, and rest in town – pearl of the Black sea – Batumi. And return to Tbilisi via Lesser Caucasus mountains, travel via Georgia's historical cultural center. This very unique tour gives you opportunity to explore all country during one tour. Give yourself unforgettable vacation to Georgia - country which loves you!

Kvirikoba in Svaneti

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On 28 July in Svaneti is may be the most important local festival - Kvirikoba, also known as Lagurka. Every year before down on 28 July all people from Svaneti gathers at st. Kvirike and Ivlita's church. There traditional sacrificions and competitions take place. Also is prepared special sacral brad - lemzir. If one wants

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