Southwards from Tbilisi, there is a unique area of 4 sq.km. which is traced with small gorges. In the past rivers flew in all those small gorges, which during hundreds of milleniums managed to cut the cooled lava and as a result formed rock prominences of dozen meters height. Today these rock prominences are dislocated in line, in succession or joined to each other and they form small narrow canyons.

I offer one and two day tours to Birtvisi canyon. One day tour includes hiking to Birtvisi fortress, and two day tour is for those who likes extreme.

Time table
Leaving Tbilisi at 10 am. Transportation to village Tbisi. At 12 am hiking is starting.
3 PM lunch in nature
6 PM making camp
Next morning – breakfast at 8 am
Starting hiking at 9 am
3 pm – lunch
6 pm – getting out from canyon to village Fartskhisi – transportation to Tbilisi

Birtvisi canyon First 30 minutes of hiking in the field. Then getting into forest, after 15 minutes of hiking, continue train in water. First barrier is 5 meter stone. After tourists have to hike in water again, sometimes swim, sometimes climbing. The first waterfall can be bypassed by land. Lunch on dry place and hiking in water again.
Camp is near the second waterfall.

In the morning instructor will make on waterfall station, height 35 meters and tourists will go down by rope. Continue hiking in canyon. Exit from canyon at village Partskhisi.

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