Tour to the first Europeans – Dmanisi

Tour to the first Europeans – Dmanisi

Region: Kvemo Kartli Excursion to Bolnisi and Dmanisi partly covers region Kvemo Kartli, located south from Tbilisi. This is tour to the first Europeans – homo Georgicus – found in Dmanisi. Bolnisi Sioni – three naves basilica of V century, built with green tuff. Bolnisi Sioni is famous for its wall inscription of the same period, which is the oldest known inscription in Georgian language.

Tsugrugasheni church – built in XIII century is one of the most noticeable examples of high class mastering of stone carving.

Kveshi fortress – medieval fortress, built between VII – IX centuries.

Dmanisi ancient town – Medieval fortress and town remains at the river Mashavera. Well known because there was discovered early human fossils, dubbed Homo georgicus 1.8 million years old. In Dmanisi is open air museum, which functions all time except winter. In fortress is also saved secret tunnel, which connects the town to the river.

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*Price might change in future.

*Price includes: transportation, guide service, museum entrance fees.

Total distance to drive – 200 km.

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