New Wine Festival 2022 will take place in Tbilisi on Mtatsminda park on 14 of May at 11:00.

New Wine Festival is absolutely must visit event for all tourists, especially for those who are interested in Georgian wines, wine making in general, or just love good wine. Event is organized by National Wine Agency.

First festival took place in 2010 year, and since than it became tradition. Annually festival takes place in first half of May. Why in May? because it is special period, when wine makers can check and learn what wine they have got from previous year harvest. This means that everyone will be able to try 2021 year harvest result.

Why festival is so special? Participants are big wine factories and small family wineries. It is simply impossible to taste all presented wines there, so be prepared 🙂 This festival will give you unique opportunity to try all kinds of Georgian wines in one space. You will personally meet wine makers and wine factory representatives. For wine bars, tour operators and guides it is opportunity to find new wine tasting places and make useful deals.  

The main idea of the New Wine Festival is to promote Georgian traditional Qvevri (pitcher) wine, discover new varieties and places, raise the level of wine education in Georgia and improve consumer culture.

Association of Georgian wine makers in solidarity with Ukrainian people are planning charity action during the festival.

As always, the New Wine Festival attendance is free of charge.

Festival will begin with traditional Qvevry opening ceremony accompanied by “Mravalzhamieri”. Before festival association chooses the best wine maker and their Qvevry is opened on the festival.

So, if you are in Georgia on mid of May, you know where to go for the best wine and experience.