Travel Tips To Explore Georgia

April 13, 20220

Travel Tips To Explore Georgia – 5 very essential things you shall know before visiting Georgia.

1. The best time to visit Georgia is…

Georgia has a relatively mild climate outside of the high-altitude mountain regions. Peak season is July/August. But if your intention is to explore cities, like Tbilisi and Batumi, then better to avoid this period.

Best time is late Spring and early Autumn. September is gold time. It is perfect time for trekking, as snowfalls start only in October, it is usually dry month, rains are not common and in the cities it is relatively not so hot.

Summer is high season for international visitors. On top of that, when things start to heat up (and smog up) in Tbilisi, locals intuitively flock to the mountains or the villages. There’s increased pressure on transport and accommodation throughout the summer months as a result. On the Black Sea Coast, hotel prices go up considerably.

In May after spring rains are over it is fantastic time for lowlands, in Svaneti trekking is also possible, but for Tusheti and Khevsureti it is still early.

Read more about seasons in Georgia.

2. Avoid taxis in airport, in the city using taxi apps.

In the airport you will find a lot of tyaxi drivers, they are trying to catch clients directly in terminal, and their prices are several times more than normal. Order private transfer if best option. Normaly transfer from Tbilisi airport to the city center costs 20-30$. Driver will meet you in terminal in this case. This will save you money, and you will avoid  scam. If you will have connection in airport, better to use Bolt or another taxi service. prices are fixed, around 15-20$.

In the city Bolt or other taxi service is also good option to avoid scammer taxi drivers.

In Kutaisi airport check Georgian bus counter.

3. Money exchange and SIM in airport.

In Tbilisi airport, in arrival terminal, just before exit you will find several exchanges. Check exchange rate there. It is safe place to exchange curency. Better to have some amount of cash in Georgian Lari.

Same is about SIM cards. In the same space you will find counters for Geocell, Magti and Beeline operators, there you can get free SIM and activate it. Usually this takes some time.


Scams are not very offten, but for your safety you must know about them. Regarding taxi drivers we already wrote. Avoid shoping in tourist places, and ask price first if prices are not writen.

The worst scams are in night clubs and bars. Avoid them, or if you really are interested in night life, ask your guide to give you advives, or check for clubs and bars reputation in Tripadvisor. Those scams are often in Tbilisi, or Batumi, in bar or club you will be served with chapaign or other expenive drink, which you are not ordering, and afterwards getting bill for several thousand lari, and forsed to pay. Thats why we urge you to check reputation of the place. In case of such scam, call to the police imediately.

5. Tap water

Almost everywhere in Georgia it is absolutely safe to drink tap water. Georgians love their spring and mineral waters (e.g. Borjomi) and for the most part, tap water is of a similarly high quality. Nine times out of 10 when you’re travelling in rural areas and small towns it will be more than safe to drink the tap water.

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