Georgia is considered as one of the best trekking destination in Europe. Let’s go through best possible trekking routes in Georgia.

Mestia to Ushguli 4 days trekking.

The most well known trekking route in Svaneti which starts from administrative center and the biggest settlement in Svaneti – Mestia and ends in Ushguli village, highest permanently inhabitant village of Europe. Trekking is moderate difficulty. This extremely popular route offers both natural and cultural sights.
Duration – 4 days

Distance – 58 km

Season – mid of May to mid of October.

Chaukhi trekking

Trekking through Chaukhi pass between Kazbegi district and Khevsureti is shortest trek, takes just 2 days, but is very intense. The major attraction is imposing Chaukhi massif with its seven sharp peaks. Chaukhi pass is really challenging, as altitude is above 3300 m. Trekking can start from both directions, Roshka village in Khevsureti or Juta village in Kazbegi district. On Khevsureti side tourists may enjoy three lakes of Abudelauri – Green, Blue and White.

Duration – 2 days

Distance – 21 km

Season – July to end of September.

Shatili to Omalo trekking.

One more multi-day trekking route from Khevsureti village Shatili to Tusheti village Omalo crossing Atsunta Pass. This trekking is one week long and really challenging, includes 3 days of overnight in tents, in wild mountain nature. It’s intriguing not only by natural sights but also by several ancient fortresses and villages, dominated by stone towers.

Atsunta Pass is almost 3400m so crossing it is not easy task. Usually horses are hired for luggage transportation.

Duration – 6 days

Distance – 70 km.

Season – July to September

Tobavarchkhili lakes trekking.  

One more challenging trekking, this time in Western Georgia, Samegrelo region. This trekking is not including any cultural sights or villages, tourists will enjoy absolutely wild nature, meet only shepherds on the way. Tobavarchkhili means silver lake and is located on Egrisi range, which divides Samegrelo from Svaneti. Currently Tobavarchkhili lake route is off beaten trek, not popular destination, but situation changes every year, as more and more groups are visiting it.

Duration  – 5 days.

Distance  – 70 km

Season – July to September

Borjomi – Kharagauli National Park St Andrew trail.

The last trekking route in our pick is from Borjomi-Kharagauli national park. This is really unique place by itself, the biggest untouched forest massive in Europe. There are many trekking routes there, so it is difficult to make choice, which one is the best. St.Andrews trail – it offers great views as well as the possibility to climb Sametskhvario, the highest mountain in the park. Also, tents are not necessary as it’s possible to sleep in tourist shelters.