Easter in Georgia – travel in Georgia during Easter – what shall you know.

Georgia is pretty religious country, so the orthodox Easter is celebrated very widely. Easter is moving festival, so every year it has different date, but it is always in April or begging of May. Orthodox Christian calendar is different, so check for orthodox Easter, as usually it is celebrated one week later than in non orthodox countries. In 2022 Easter is on 24 April. For the next years better to google Orthodox Easter date.

What shall you know if you are travelling in Georgia on Easter? Easter in Georgia is public holidays. Holidays start from big Friday and includes Monday. On Easter Sunday and Monday nothing works! do not plan visiting any museum or tourist place with payed entrance during this time, you will see only locked gates.

Most Georgians who work in Tbilisi are going back to their hometowns or villages on Friday and returning back on Monday. So roads are overloaded with cars and there are huge traffic jams on entrances and exits of Tbilisi, so better to avoid leaving Tbilisi or returning to Tbilisi on these days, not to get stuck, otherwise it is good time to travel in any other direction, avoiding Tbilisi. On Easter days itself Tbilisi looks half empty, so if you are in the capital, better enjoy it without usual crowds and traffic jams.

On Easter Monday traditionally all Georgians visit cemeteries, remembering passed away family members and friends. So cemeteries and surroundings are unusually overcrowded.

Easter traditional food

Easter is not only greatest religious festival, but it is Spring celebration, so there are a lot of herbs on the table.

Red eggs – without them it is impossible to imagine Easter. Eggs are cooked with roots of plant named Rubia tinctorum in Latin. It gives them dark red, bloody colour. On Easter and next Monday people carry those eggs, and celebrate with Easter each other with words – ქრისტე აღსდგა – ჭეშმარიტად აღსდგა – (qriste agsdga – cheshmaritad agsdga) – and break eggs together.

Paska – special Easter cake. As it is pretty complicated to bake it, now days mostly it is bought in bakeries. Before Easter it is sold in every bakery and supermarket.

Chakapuli – the main dish of Easter, prepared with lamb or calf meat, green onions, tarragon, white wine and green plumps.

So Easter time is good time to visit Georgia, but itinerary must be planned accordingly to enjoy it fully.

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