Top 10 places to visit in Georgia in 2022. Travel is fun. Travel is also exploring new and old places. Georgia has a lot places for any taste, no matter are you interested in culture or you are looking for adventures in nature, you will find perfect place. We made a list of some must see places in Georgia, but of course there are more and more interesting places, which are impossible to cover in single article.

Old Tbilisi

places to visit in Georgia

Tbilisi – the capital and the biggest city of Georgia, with dramatic history is main gateway to the country. Probably it will be your first and last destination while travelling in the country. Do not miss narrow streets and cortyards of the old city. Good option is to take half day guided tour and afterwards explore the city by yourself. Old churches, narrow streets and stairs, cortyards, bazars, flea market, XIX – early XX century city, quiet cafees and exebitions, everyone will find suitable places to spend time here.

Upper Svaneti

Trekking in Svaneti

The green pearl of Caucasus is one of the must see places in Georgia. It is relevantly remote from Tbilisi, so those, who are visiting Georgia for just couple days usually do not have chance to travel so far away. But if you have one week or more in Georgia, then better to make Svaneti highlight of your trip. fantastic nature, autentic architecture, local experience, folk, museums, hiking, horse riding, challenging jeep tours – all this is possible to find in Svaneti.


places to visit in Georgia

Cut and carved meticulously into the sandy rock faces that rise like phalanxes against the meanders of the Mtkvari River in the deep Georgian south, Vardzia remains without question one of the most dramatic sights to behold in the country. It’s estimated that the various tiers of monolith churches, caves and shrines seen here were inhabited from at least the middle of the 12th century, when the dynatstic kings of the Bagrationi are thought to have commissioned the first constructions on the sheer-cut edge of Mount Erusheti. The real must-see, however, remains the glorious Church of the Dormition; a rock-carved shrine which displays an enthralling montage of murals and iconostasis that fuse Oriental, Byzantine and Romanesque styles alike.


Tusheti Omalo

If it is summer then real paradise for wild nature lovers is Tusheti national park. Cascading down the northern edges of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, right on the cusp of Russia and Chechnya, the Tusheti National Park is the historic home of the eponymous Tush peoples. It’s also breathtaking in the extreme; big on relief and made up largely of soaring peaks and grass-clad hills. There are few roads in sight, and the villages that can be found nestled amidst the misty mountaintops are historic, brick-built affairs like Dartlo, which can be seen protruding almost organically from the Georgian lands, encompassed in rural sheep farms (the region is particularly famous for its wool and cheeses) and swathes of spruce forests to boot.

Kakheti vineyards

Organic wine tour

Eastern Georgia region Kakheti is famous for wine making. Alazani valley in Kakheti is full of vineyards, big wine factories and small, family run wineries. Lovely nature, cosy towns like Signagi and Telavi, historical monuments are perfectly fitting the valley. One or two days in Kakheti, mixing up wine and cultural tour, relaxing atmosphere, will be fine addition to your tour in Georgia. Most interesting time to travel to Kakheti is harvest season – September.

Batumi botanical garden


Located pretty close from Batumi is biggest botanical garden in Georgia – it covers 108 hectare. The Batumi Botanical Garden was started by the Russian botanist Andrey Nikolayevich Krasnov , in the 1880. He was aided by two skilled gardeners and decorators – the French D’Alphonse and the Georgian Yason Gordeziani. Fantastic place to spend one day away from Batumi city center. Beaches are also nearby.

Village Saro

Saro village

located in southern Georgia, is off beaten trek. It is not included in comon travel itineraries around Georgia and really very few tourists have chance to visit it. Located on Javakheti plateau has fantastic view above Mtkvari valley and Erusheti mountains, but this is not the mostv important thing here. 90% of houses in village are several centuries old, this is one of the most autentic villages of southern Georgia, here you can find well preserved remains of old stile noble house. And the most important highlight of the village is mystic megalith fortress, dated by early bronze age. Also here is possible to try local wine and get unforgetable local experience. If you are travelling in south Georgia, it is recommended to spend some time here.



Wine, mountains and rafting – all in one space. Only in Racha you can find rare wines, enjoy frescoes of Nikortsminda cathedral, challenge yourself with great rafting and short trekking or jeep tour. If you are landing in Kutaisi, then visiting Racha is extremely recommended. For rafting and nature lovers Racha-Lechkhumi is fantastic place, and this region is not so touristic like neighbour Svaneti.



Located in Samegrelo region is often visited by tourists but for short time. Most tourists visit only famous Martvili canyon. Beside canyon Martvili cathedral deserves also attention, it has fine medieval frescoes. In Martvili is also found the best wine of the region – Ojaleshi. Megrelian cuisine is slightly different from other regions cuisines, and in Martvili are wonderful opions to try local gastronomic threats – Gebzhalia, Elarji and chilly ribs. For nature lowers besides famous Martvili canyon there is Balda canyon and Kagu waterfall.



The list wouldn’t be full without this important places to visit in Georgia – Tskaltubo, gem of Imereti. The Tskaltubo mineral water has healing features that are more effective than traditional medicines in many cases and for different diseases. The treatment has the best effects on your health here in the mountains, where you can enjoy with the fresh air, warm sun rays and natural springs. There is a pleasant, relaxing environment in the Tskaltubo Spa Resort. People visit this place to get treatments for the cardiovascular system disease, nervous system disorders, skin and endocrine diseases, etc. The Tskaltubo Spa Resort is located in the western part of Georgia, 7 km away from Kutaisi.

What are your favourite places to visit in Georgia?