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Kvemo Kartli is region in south east Georgia. Bordered by Kakheti from the east, Shida Kartli from the north, Javakheti from the west and Armenia and Azerbaijan from the south. Administrative center of the region in city Rustavi. Main river of the region is Mtkvari. East part of the region is lowland, Kura valley, which here is very wide. Here are cities – Rustavi, Marneuli and Gardabani. Agriculture is very highly developed in the valley, but from touristic point of view lowland of Kvemo Kartli is not interesting at all. West part, which are bordered by Trialeti range from the north and Samsari and Javakheti ranges from the west, is much more interesting, and here in gorges covered by deep forests are the most interesting places of the area, but touristic infrastructure is not developed. Kvemo kartli is very close to Tbilisi. Here can be organized cultural tours, archaeological tours, naturalist tours and horse riding tours in Algeti national park, adventure tour and canyoning in Birtvisi canyon, and hiking tours.

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