Dartlo – Unique, mysterious, fabulous, extraordinary village in Tusheti Pirikita gorge. Just some of the words that come to mind when visiting the heritage village in Georgia’s high mountainous region of Tusheti. Tusheti belongs to Kakheti region.

Dartlo village is situated 2,000 meters above sea level by the Alazani River, on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. It is distinguished by its vernacular architecture with dry masonry and stone-slated roofs, where residents have sustained their ancestors’ culture and pattern of life.

Dartlo is a part of the Regional Development Project (RDP) focusing on the Kakheti region, east Georgia. It is financed by the World Bank (US$ 60 million) and the Government of Georgia (US$ 15 million), and is implemented by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF).

Sustaining vernacular architecture – fortress-houses, usually attached to fortified towers – were very important, as this is what attracts visitors and improves livability and hospitality of the place and its residents.

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