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Wine Tours in Georgia – a great a wine tasting visit. Best opportunity to tour the winery and wine caves.

Wine tour in Tbilisi

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You even can attend wine tour in Tbilisi itself, yes it is possible. To get familiar with the best Georgian wines and even with Georgian brandy and Sparkling wines. There are wine cellars, wine tasting bars and factories in Tbilisi While Tbilisi tour or Tbilisi walking tour, you can visit Meidani wine cellar , which is 3 centuries

Georgian cuisine masterclass

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Highlander travel and the Georgian culinary academy offers culinary courses of traditional Georgian and international cuisines! Combine business with pleasure and learn cooking of various Georgian and international dishes! The Georgian Culinary Academy is the biggest and most modern cooking space in Georgia. One of our main goals is to popularize traditional Georgian dishes. For the first time

Long Georgian Wine tour in Kakheti

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Ujarma fortress
Ikalto monastery
Gremi historical complex
Alaverdi monastery
Nekresi monastery
Kvareli wine cellar
Gurjaani wine cellar
“Pheasant tears” wine cellar

Wine, chacha and hidden treasures of ancient Georgia

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Tbilisi - the city of light and hospitality. Cradle of wine - Kakheti. Georgian "Sufra", shashliks ans best wines, ancient wine making traditions, Georgian Grappa, and towns of the Silk road! The heart of ancient Georgia, churches and monasteries, magnificent views and Georgian "Siberia" on Javakheti plateau. All this you will get in out tour!

Eastern Georgian adventures

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Unusual landscapes, Georgian wine and food, ancient fortresses and monasteries, cave complexes and old towns, all this is waiting for you in new tour around Kakheti! Well known and less known but not less interesting places of Kakheti: David Gareja, jeep tour in Vashlovani protected area, Signagi, Bodbe, Alazani valley, Tsinandali, Telavi, Gremi, Nekresi, Alaverdi, Ikalto, Shuamta, Ujarma and Khornabuji, wine degustations, traditional dinner "sufra" with real Georgian Tamada. Good tour for any time of year, especially autumn, when it is grape gathering season in Kakheti and winter - what can be better then Georgian wine and good dinner when outside is cold and snowy? Enjoy real Georgian hospitality in Kakheti!