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Nestled in the shadows of the breathtaking lesser Caucasus Mountains – and only a two-hour drive from Tbilisi, Georgia’s lively capital – Bakuriani is the place for year-round fun and adventure for the whole family.

In the winter, dozens of alpine slopes and cross-country trails offer some of the most spectacular skiing and snowboarding in Europe. Or try winter hiking and horseback riding through the picturesque Bakuriani countryside.

Bakurinai is a Winter Wonderland

Originally developed as an Olympic training facility, Bakuriani is Georgia’s most popular winter sports and recreation destination. Enjoy mountain ski runs, cross-country trails, horseback tours, sledding or simply taking long walks through snowy forests.


Over a dozen groomed alpine runs and pristine off-trail slopes make Bakuriani a skier’s paradise. Short family-friendly runs are also available.


Bakuriani’s cross-country trails attract experts as well as beginners.

Didveli – the newest complex in Bakuriani. There are two ski lifts. Upper trails are difficult, and the lower trail length of 3800 m is partly easy and partly middle difficult.

Kokhtagora – altitude 2155m. From the top of the mountain, in good weather is viewed all over the Caucasus region. There are three trails from the top of the mountain – one red and 2 black. Then from the Kokhta plateau, an altitude 1895m they merge, and from here is the blue trail. There are 3 ski lifts on Kokhtagora.

Kokhta 2 – altitude 2255, known also as “Tatra”, because of lifts built made by company Tatrapoma. Some of the trails here are FIS certified. The trail goes via pine forest. Here is red trails, length 1800 m. Here are also easy trails.

25 meters – Here are 25-meter ski jumps. Best place for beginners and children. Here is also a place for skating.


If skating is your winter pastime, Bakuriani offers plenty of opportunities, among them Bakuriani Park and the rink at the Hotel Edem.

Snowmobiles and Sledges

The hills and valleys around Bakuriani are ideal for snowmobiling. Prefer to get around the old-fashioned way? Horse-drawn sleds are the traditional mode of winter transportation in Bakuriani. For a real treat take a romantic sled ride around the village.

Nature Walks

The area’s lush mountain meadows are a painter’s palate of bright spring and summer flowers. Visit Bakuriani’s Botanical Garden, which opened in 1910, and delight in acres of stunning regional and Asian flora.


Want an even better vantage point? Bakuriani is one of the most scenic flying sites in Geogria. The area’s micro-climate is made for paragliding. Mt. Kochta, famous for its views of the valley below, is a favorite takeoff spot.

So Bakuriani is the best place for family winter holidays!

We offer:

  • Transfer to Bakuriani and back
  • Hotel booking in Bakuriani
  • Various excursions from Bakuriani
    • Borjomi and Timotesubani
    • Khertvisi fortress and Vardzia monastery complex carved in the rock
    • Winter hiking to village Tori and Dabadzveli lakes
  • Snowmobile tours – to Tabatskuri lake, via Tskhratskaro pass and to village Tori

Map of Bakuriani resort

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