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Starting point: Hotel – if it is located in the old city, or Metekhi church.

Tbilisi city tour starts at Metekhi plateau, from where is perfect panoramic view to the old city – Narikala fortressBath districtMeidanKala districtBetlemi district – so tourists can have a look at the whole old city, which they will explore in the next few hours. Here is located also statue of king Vakhang Gorgasali – founder of Tbilisi, and tourists will learn about history of the city. Cable way, it connects new park Rike with Narikala fortress.

Few minutes travel by cable way and enjoy magnificent views of Old Tbilisi. From the top station of cable way are views to the old city and botanical garden. Basement of Narikala fortress belongs to IV century. You can enjoy stunning panorama views of Tbilisi from Narikala. In the Bath district itself archaeologists found remains of Roman style therms of the same age. The bath district and Legvtakhevi are the very heart of the city. According to the legend Tbilisi history starts from the hot sulfur springs. Archaeologists here also excavated the oldest layers of the city. Via the bath district runs tiny river Legvtakhevi. Its beautiful canyon was hidden during decades, and only now it was  reconstructed – now we can see its historical appearance.

Meidan – the heart of old city. Central square which used to be trade center of the city and now is surrounded by nice cafes. Trade and craft district of the city – in Tbilisi were 18 Karavan-sarays – kind of hotel for traveler traders. Here they were living and on the first floor selling their goods. Such Karavan-Sarais – in Georgian Karvasla – were spread in whole middle east and are ancestors of modern trade malls. Tourists will see couple of them.

Synagogue – as Tbilisi used to be cultural and administrative center not only for Georgia, but for whole Transcaucasia region, it became very multinational, multireligius and multicultural city. Here in one district are located mosque, synagogue, Georgian churches, Armenian church, and Catholic church and historically till now people of different nationalities and religion live peacefully beside each other.

Sioni cathedral church – built in XI century used to be main cathedral church of Tbilisi. Here is saved one of the most important sacred objects of Georgian Orthodox Church – cross of st. Nino – converter of Georgians.

Freedom square – now days is the city center, but centuries ago it was the edge of the city. Here is located National Museum’s treasury, which tourists will visit.

Baratashvili avenue – one of the most nice avenues of the city, in old times it also was city edge and now here are remains of the old city walls. During reconstruction works here were found city gates dated by XI-XIII centuries, which were saved and there are made trails for people to walk around.

Tower clock – modern bizarre tower built by head of puppet theater – Rezo Gabriadze became favorite attraction for local people and tourists. Anchiskhati church – the oldest building of the city, dates back to VI century. Bridge of Peace – modern walking bridge only for walking in the heart of the old city. Good place to make good photos. And of course the heart of modern city – Rustaveli avenue, with cozy cafes, different and colorful shops.

Here Tbilisi city tour ends. Tourists will learn history of the city and which interesting places they can visit during free time.

Legend about Tbilisi

Our capital is a very old city. According to the common legend it was founded by the king of Georgia Vakhtang Gorgasali in late V century. King was keen on falcon hunting. One day he and his men were hunting near river Mtkvari. King’s favorite falcon captured pheasant and injured it. The pheasant managed to fly from falcon, but fell in hot sulphur spring and got boiled. Falcon, who was cheesing its victim also fell in hot water and didn’t survive. So kings men found hot sulfur springs near the river. King ordered to build a new city and called it Tbilisi – as Tbili means warm in Georgian. Tbilisi, by king Vakhtangs order, became the capital of Georgia and so it is now.

Special tours in Tbilisi

For those, who want to learn architecture and city rumors of XIX – XX century Tbilisi, we offer special unique tours from our professional guides.

  • Tour in Sololaki district – 3 hours
  • Architecture of Tbilisi – 3 hours
  • Tour in Chugureti district including David Agmashenebeli avenue.

For more information  about special tour in Tbilisi, please contact us.


  • Metekhi plateau
  • Narikala fortress
  • Bath district
  • Meidan
  • Kala district
  • Betlemi district
  • Synagogue
  • Baratashvili avenue


  • Guide
  • Cable road
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips
  • Lunch

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How long is the Old Tbilisi City Tour?
The Old Tbilisi City Tour is typically 3-4 hours long.

What is the cost of the Old Tbilisi City Tour?
The cost of the Old Tbilisi City Tour may vary depending on the provider and any discounts or promotions that may be available. It is best to check the website of the tour provider or contact them directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.
Is the Old Tbilisi City Tour suitable for children?
The Old Tbilisi City Tour is generally suitable for children, as it provides an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Tbilisi in an interactive way. However, it is best to check with the tour provider for any age restrictions or recommendations.

Are there any physical requirements for the Old Tbilisi City Tour?
The Old Tbilisi City Tour involves some walking and climbing stairs, so a moderate level of physical fitness is required. If you have any mobility or health concerns, please inform the tour provider in advance so they can accommodate your needs.

Are there any food or drink options available during the Old Tbilisi City Tour?
We often offer lunch brake or coffee stops during city tour.
Is it possible to customize the Old Tbilisi City Tour to fit my specific interests?
Yes, you must specify your interests before the tour.


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Tours in Georgia by Highlander travel
Feast and Travel
September 03, 2022


I did a day tour with Highlander Travel where we covered some notable sights in Tbilisi as well as the former capital of Georgia, Mtskheta.... Read more
I did a day tour with Highlander Travel where we covered some notable sights in Tbilisi as well as the former capital of Georgia, Mtskheta. Rusudan from Highlander Travel made sure that I got to see all the main attractions while also giving plenty of information about the history of the places I saw and answering all my questions about the attractions which made my experience even better as my guide was well-informed about each and every place. The tour in Mtskheta was seamless and I saw the Cathedral which is one of the holiest sites in Georgia for Orthodox Christians and is also where members of the Royal family (Including the last King of Georgia) were buried. This along with the Jvari Monastery that overlooks Mtskheta from a high altitude makes it a must visit spot for the scenery, rich history and friendly locals. Highlander Travel is one of the most efficient and accommodating tour operators I’ve come across in Georgia so far and when we returned to Tbilisi for the city tour, I got to see many places which I had not heard of or researched about before traveling to Georgia which is another plus point as their tours are not the normal ones where you only see the main attractions and go but offer a more immersive and Georgian experience! Overall, I’d definitely go on more tours with them in the future when I return to Georgia with my family next time! Less
Tours in Georgia by Highlander travel
February 06, 2022

Very nice introduction to the city

We had very interesting walking tour in October with Rusudan. Very good experience.
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