Trekking in Georgia

//Trekking in Georgia

Trekking and hiking adventures in Georgia! Our hiking tours have a few characteristics that will exceed your expectations… Join us and be sure we’ll make your visit to Georgia memorable!

Trekking tour Tusheti

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Within the Trekking and horse riding tour Tusheti you will see: Abano Pass - Lake Ortskali - Lake Samkhirne - Village Vestmo - Village Vestomta - Village Gogrulta - Village Dochu (or village Bukhurta - Village Ilurta or Saalmis Gori - Village Vakisdziri) - Village Jvarboseli – Tsovata - Village Jvarboseli – Nakhaicho Pass -Mount Gonta – Village Kvemo Omalo.

Hiking to Gergeti trinity church

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One day hiking tour to Gergeti trinity church, in Kazbei district. Tour can be combined with other tours in Kazbegi region. One day hiking tour, if it is not merged with other Kazbegi tours

Trekking in Svaneti

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Highlander travel offer the most popular trekking tour in Svaneti, modified by experienced guide and just good man Lasha Tkeshelashvili, who will lead this tour and show to tourists on the way most interesting cultural sites as ancient houses, towers and churches with beautiful frescoes, which usually are leaved out of typical tourist trails. Guide knows a lot of old stories and legends to share them with guests during trekking.

Atsunta pass trekking

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Khevsureti is historical province in high mountains, north-east Georgia, on the both slopes of great Caucasus range. Tusheti is located on the north slopes of great Caucasus range, from the west it borders with Khevsureti, and these provinces are divided by Atsunta range. North is Chechnia, border is on Pirikita range, and on the east is Dagestan, border is on Akazma range.

Tobavarchkhili lake

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Tobavarchkhili lakes, located on the Egrisi range, in region Samegrelo, is one of the most beautiful and remote natural monuments of our country. We offer unforgettable 6 day trekking tour to Tobavarchkhili, with very experienced guide. Trekking starts in village Mukhuri, near town Chkhorotsku and ends in Magana gorge, near town Jvari. For this tour

Svaneti trekking tour six days

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Are you looking for unforgettable adventure in Great Caucasus mountains?  Do you want to taste your abilities in high mountains? Do you want to enjoy wild nature of the most beautiful part of Great Caucasus - Svaneti? Then this trekking tour is for you. Actually this tour contains part of shorter tour - 4 days hiking in Svaneti, but here are added 2 days, which covers Ushba glacier and trekking from village Becho to Mestia via Guli path.

Lagodekhi national park

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Lagodekhi Protected Areas are located in the most northeastern part of Georgia, in the Lagodekhi District. This includes the Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve and Lagodekhi Managed Nature Reserve along the southern slopes of the main range of the Great Caucasus. The height of the Protected Areas varies within 400-3500 m above the sea level.

Borjomi-Kharagauli national park

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The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is located in central Georgia and is part of the lesser Caucasus. The park is one of the largest in Europe - it covers more than 85,000 hectares of native forest and sub-alpine and alpine meadows, home to rare species of flora and fauna.

A network of trails invites you to experience the stunning variety of blossoming plants, breathtaking views and a magical atmosphere.