• Ananuri complex
  • Cross pass (2395 m)
  • Truso gorge
  • Vardzisubani
  • Dariali Gorge
  • Gveleti waterfalls
  • Hike to Gergeti trinity church
  • Sno valley, village Juta

Tour to the north of Georgia, tour to Kazbegi, following ancient trade road to the north Caucasus – better known as Georgian military road. Crossing great Caucasus range at Jvari pass and spending unforgettable days surrounded by high mountains and narrow gorges. Advantage of this tour is that Kazbegi region, former Khevi province is easiest to access from Tbilisi highland region.

Day 1:

tour to KazbegiTravel from Tbilisi to Kazbegi by famous Georgian military road. On the way view the largest water reservoir in east Georgia – Jinvali and Ananuri medieval fortress and church. Cross the Cross pass on great Caucasus range – altitude 2395 m. Near the pass is mineral spring, water here contains a lot of iron. In village Kobi taking jeep to drive into Truso valley. Hike in the valley. Drive to town Stepantsminda. On the way visit tower of Vardisubani, typical to this region. Continue driving to the town Stepantsminda, where it is possible to have lunch. Drive to Dariali gorge, to Georgian – Russian border. Hike to Gveleti waterfalls. Return to Stepantsminda. Dinner and overnight stay in a guesthouse in Stepantsminda.

Day 2:

tour to KazbegiBreakfast. Hike or horse riding  to Gergeti Trinity church, which is located on Gergeti mountain, elevation 2100 m. Distance to hike ~10 km. Return to Stepantsminda. Drive to village Juta in the Sno valley. Hike to Chaukhi rocks. On the way back visit Sno fortresss, walk in village Sno. Return to Tbilisi. Total distance to drive: 420 km

Tour to Kazbegi price:

Number of persons
Price in USD 184 $ 115 $ 91 $ 87 $ 76 $ 70 $ 65 $ 60 $

*Price might change in future.

*Price includes: transportation, guide service, accommodation in guesthouse, double rooms, HB meals, doesn’t include horse rent or jeep rent to Gergeti. Jeep to Gergeti costs 35$ per car.