We offer Trekking in Racha. From the north, Georgia is protected by the Caucasus Mountains, white glaciers and the snowy mountains of 5000 meters high. One of its most beautiful parts passes through the territory of Racha. This is a true green pearl, covered with forests in the north-west of Georgia and the village Ghebi is located in its extreme northern part. You will be amazed with the mixture of moorlands , lush greenery fields and icy, snow-covered mountains. The noise of the murmuring streams, waterfalls and raging rivers, deep ravines with lots of walkways, will bring astonishing impressions on you and remain as unforgettable memories in your heart.

Day 1 – Departure from Kutaisi to Racha. On the way we will visit one of the oldest towns of Georgia, Kutaisi and its historic center. Hyptonic Bagrati Cathedral is considered by many to be one of Georgia’s most impressive and significant examples of cultural heritage and medieval architecture. Its enormous presence can be seen from almost anywhere in Kutaisi. Motsameta Monastery is located along the banks of the Rioni River. Steeped in history, it’s tucked away in pristine foliage during the warmer months. Also ,we can visit Sataplia State Nature Reserve. There is a karst cavern and traces of giant dinosaurs. You can also enjoy the views from panoramic glass bridge. On the way to Racha from Kutaisi we walk through the Nakerala Pass , overlooking the Colchis lowland. Shaori lake is stunning area, surrounded by mountains and spruce forests. The final destination is in the village Ghebi ,where we will stay in a guesthouse.

Day 2– The trekking starts from the village to the south and follows the highway to the mountains. Having walked half an hour ,we find ourselves in an amazing scene of the eternal snowy mountains of the Caucasus, snow-capped Racha and Svaneti glaciers, Zopkhito and Zeskho glaciers, too. The trail goes to Mukhameshi,at the bottom of the huge watershed Shodakedela Ridge. You will be fascinated with the spectacular vistas of the undulating meadows. The Shoda is a huge mountain stretching over 59 km, overlooking Mukhameshi from the south- a 3600-meter high wall. You can get endless pleasure from beautiful flowers, grasslands, waterfalls and rolling hills. At night, We will return to Ghebi guesthouse.

Day 3– We leave the village towards the Kirtisho glacier. In the north, we will pass by the abandoned village Gona and go along the river Chveshuri Gorge, at the same time we will have a look at the streams, falling down from the mountain cliffs. This scrubland is surrounded by dozens of peaks. On the alpine fields, the green cover gradually disappears and the most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus Mountains are more visible. The trail goes to the glacier Kirtisho, which is the largest glacier in the river Rioni basin. It runs from the northern border of the country to the south at an altitude of 7 kilometers. The total length of the route is 18 km. The starting point is 1700 meters, and the highest is 2500 meters. We get back to the guesthouse ,in Ghebi.

Day 4-Our route heads to the north-east. On this side ,the village is bordered by Zopkhito, Loboda, and Edena glaciers. Our target is Zopkito first, as it is the biggest and most splendid among them. The trail runs along the river Rioni gorge and then turns to the north. The trail passes by the old settlements, through the birch forests and then gradually moving into alpine fields ,that are surrounded by enormous summits. The route ends at mesmerizing Zopkhito Glacier, at an altitude of 2500 meters. Huge cliffs reflect the sun-rays, and this sun-kissed place blended with the cloudless sky, will make you speechless and definitely inspired. The length of the route is 20 km.

Day 5– The way back to Kutaisi. Our Trekking tours from Ghebi finishes.

Price details for the Trekking in Racha:

PAX 1 2 4 6
Price in USD per person 570$ 490$ 410$ 330$

Price includes : Picking up from airport. All the expenses for transportation. Hotels (breakfast and dinner included)