The best Trekking destination in Europe – Georgia

March 9, 20220
Trekking destination in Europe – Georgia

Why Georgia is the best trekking destination in Europe? Georgia is a beautiful East European country, nestled in the imposing Caucasian Mountain Range. It has numerous exciting trekking trails that tourists can explore on short trips to the country.

The pristine nature of the country, marked by its 15 national parks and beyond, welcomes thousands of travellers each year from various parts of the world. This article tries to give some clear ideas about some distinctly popular trekking destinations in Georgia.

The Gorgeous Svaneti

It is located in the North-Western fringe of the mountainous regions of the country. Svaneti is considered to be the most popular trekking destination. 

The region has lush green mountainous terrains and is commonly called the Green Pearl of Georgia. 
One can take the 4-day tour travelling from Mestia to Ushguli. A traveller can also opt for a more rigorous hike from the hamlet of Esteri, which is 9 days long.

The magnificent Racha 

If you are searching for a destination that does not have the typical touristy crowd, then Racha, located east of Svaneti, can be a great choice. 

The place has beautiful Alpine forests. A locale named Ambrolauri, on the outskirts of Racha has splendid lodging facilities for tourists. 

You can taste local wines at Khvanchkara and Usakhelauri. The trek from Ghebi to Ushguli is arguably the most challenging. There are less rigorous treks available from the village of Shovi. 

The enchanting Samegrelo

Samegrelo is yet another fascinating destination that any passionate trekker would love to explore. It is located on the western fringes of the country. The Tobavarchkhili Lakes are popular tourist spots of Samegrelo. A 5-day trekking tour is possibly centred on Samegrelo.

The wonderful Kazbegi

Kazbegi is easily accessible from the capital city Tbilisi. It is a nice, cozy region that offers numerous day trekking opportunities to enthusiasts. 

One of the most suitable and intriguing routes around the region starts from a spot called Juta. The trail passes across the Chaukhi Mountains, meanders through a village called Roshka and reaches a region called Khevsureti. 

The mesmerising Khevsureti

If you want to get immersed in the wilderness of dense forests, mountains and mystic terrains, then do not hesitate to consider Khevsureti.

There are no high peaks at the destination. Small gorges are the signatures of the place. A popular trekking trail is from Shatili to Omalo, through the beautiful Atsunta Pass. 

The scintillating Tusheti

Tusheti is located in the North-Eastern regions of the country. If you are a nature photographer or/and a trekker who loves serene trails, then Tusheti is arguably the best choice. 

There are also provisions for horse riding. The breathtakingly lovely landscapes of Tusheti will keep you in awe of the place. 

The richness of South Georgia

The terrains in South Georgia are different from other parts of the country. The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park offers a whopping 12 trails to travellers. Most of the hikes have a span of 1 to 3 days. 

If you are interested to visit an offbeat location, then travelling to the Javakheti National Park is a good idea. You can witness plateaus at high altitudes there. Also, there are many crystal clear lakes. The megalith fortresses at Abuli and Shaori will stun you with their engaging architecture. 

Plan and visit Georgia

Make it a priority to visit Georgia. The biodiversity of the country, comprising of denser forests, exotic fauna, volcanic mountain ranges, freshwater lakes, picturesque hamlets, and many other natural marvels is truly divine. 

You can consult with the experts of a renowned travel agency and set an itinerary to explore Georgia. So, what are you waiting for! Book your plane tickets today! Georgia is calling you! 

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