We are back in Sweden , thinking back on our trip to Georgia. We are very happy and content with our tour and want to say thank for for your help to organise our stay in Svaneti  and the train tickets. It all worked very well. We really liked our stay at guesthouse Lusvani it was almost as being in a family, Nicks mother was so nice, we liked her cooking and I had a good time in the mornings playing a game of backgammon with her. Nick was a good guide with knowledge. Perhaps he could tell more about his place spontaneously , now we had to ask and then he answered. I suppose this partly has to do with age, he is still young.
All in all I will recommend you if I have friends traveling tp Georgia.

Best regards Eva and company

Eva Grossman, Sweeden
I wanted to personally thank you for an incredible journey in Georgia. We had a great guide, a great tour, and a great time.

We will hopefully be planning another trip to Georgia soon enough a little more specific and will let you know once we are set.

In any other case, i will be sharing your details with other friends who are looking to visit Georgia to get them the same level of help and service we got.

Please share my best regards to Emily as well for her great support, time and efforts into making this journey so enjoyable. She is incredible.

yassine habibi, UAE
Dear Rusudan,

I have just came back form seeing my mother and sister in law.
The trip you and Roma organized was above all expectations. They really had great time.
Thank you so much for everything.

I have already posted a 5 star review on Tripadvisor and will be sure to direct to you anyone interested in visiting Georgia.

I can also let you know that my parents are considering a trip to Georgia next year but I’ll write about it in a separate E-mail.

All the best,

Omer Zilberg, Israel
Rusudan Tsiskreli aka Highlander is a very friendly girl. pehaps as many people from this wonderful amazing country. But in addition it also knows a lot and is able in their business. All roads lead to Tbilisi to her :). I asked many tour guides — who is the best in the mountains? All told — if you want the mountains then contact Rusudan. So I advise you to this guide.
Vitalii Khondozhko, Ukraine
Trekking in svaneti was something I am going to remember for the rest of life Not just that mountains are gorgeous but people are so hospitable and openhearted. I was even asking Merab not to bring us to the nice people, because it is so hard to leave Thank you, we had incredible time !
Mariyka Bahriy, Ukraine
Привет Русудан! Вот мы уже и дома. Хотел поблагодарить за совместную работу. Все в общем все остались довольны. К счастью все мелкие недорозумения забываются и в памяти остаются только лучшие воспоминания. Како, которого мы все искренне полюбили. Гия, который действительно редкое явление в современном мире. Нам с ними сильно повезло. За это отдельное спасибо. С сердечными приветами.
Alexander Kirjuchin, Germany
Привет!!! Огромное СПАСИБО!!!! Мы в огромном восторге от Сванетии))) Даже не ожидали))) спасибо за Лашу! он большой молодец!!!
Виктория Ярошенко
Hello, I just wanted to inform you that we very much enjoyed the Tbilisi walking tour on Saturday; Maka was a great guide.
G.J. Monahan
Thank you again for the interesting tour and for your patience in organizing the museum visit for us
Dr. Thomas Joos, Germany
Спасибо большое за отлично организованное путешествие! Всё было вовремя, никто не подвел, плюс мы увидели много интересного не потеряв ни минуты драгоценного времени (а лишних резервных дней в этот раз у нас не было, т.к. самолет был заранее оплачен). Оба Димки присоединяются к благодарностям.
Svetlana Vishnevskaya
Русудан, привет! Хочу тебе выразить огромную благодарность от всех нас за организацию отдыха! Все было именно так, как и должно быть – ничего лишнего и все во время. СУПЕР! Отдельное спасибо нашему водителю за шашлык – запомню на всю жизнь! J Удачи тебе и по-больше туристов! 😉
Chernin Evgeny, Ukraine
Спасибо большое за вашу помощь. В Грузии нам очень понравилось, обязательно приедем еще раз чтоб побывать везде, где не хватило времени на этот раз 🙂 Михаил
Mykhailo Kotsur, Ukraine
Booking/coordinating our trip to Tusheti was very easy; communication was prompt and all questions answered fully. Our guide, Mamuka Kereselidze, was fantastic-knowledgeable, friendly, and went out of his way to make our trip great. Further, his love for Tusheti and his country was infectious. We forgot he was a guide and felt like we were travelling with an old friend. The hotel was more than expected, but if you go be aware that levels are not western European standard-and I hope they never will be, because then Tusheti will have lost something very special. Tusheti itself cannot be fully described in words or pictures, but it is a very, very beautiful area. Just as beautiful are the people there. We had wonderful experience.
genoveva gilbert
Both the planning and the trip went smoothly. We got fast responses to all our requests. When we needed to perform the changes, they where performed to our full satisfaction. We managed to visit a lot of attractions without rush. Rusudan knows a lot about history and politics that are relevant to the places we visited. She knows less regarding geology and botanic (if anyone cares about this). All the places that were used to stay in and to eat were excellent. We are a family with wide verity of ages. Kids 20, 19, 14, 7. Rusudan managed to have better communication with grownups then with smaller kids.
Hana S, Israel
I have availed recently of the tours and I am satisfied with the knowledge of our guide. she is very informative, friendly and have the knowledge of their history. the tour is mostly by walk because places to visit are just around the places and we did not notice how far we have gone because we have enjoyed the tour and the walking tour. you can asked anything about the places and she will give you a great answer… speaks English well… she brought us to a nice shop and offered us their traditional cola for free which they used to drink before when there was a ban for importation… tastes is great and it comes in many flavors…. we were also giver a very great discount of the fee almost 50% of what we have agreed… please consider Highlander travel for a tour in TIBLISI…. sEE YOU NEXT TIime…
Chubby j, Saudi Arabia
The trip was great. Lasha was more as A friend then A guide to us. Whether was perfect, beautiful mountains & very hospitebal people! Thank you (& lasha) for this great trip & wonderful experience.
Teun Dingen, Nederlands
The trip was perfect, we had a really good time and it was a lot of fun. Roma is a very good tour guide, he has a great attitude and I would certainly recommend your tour services and especially to request him as a tour guide.
Magdalena Aguilar, Mexico
Трехдневный тур в Тушети с Романом Бурдуладзе — это то, что вам нужно, если вы хотите в отличной компании познать самый прекрасный и дикий уголок Грузии. Я сделала это в конце июля 2014 года, и нисколичко не пожалела. Каждая минута моего трехдневного прибывания в Тушети была наполнена впечатлениями и кучей многообразных историй из жизни этого региона. Роман знает там каждую травинку, ему удавалось находить ответы на самые невероятные вопросы, коих в моей копилке было немало. Если вы подумываете ехать в Тушети, то только с этим гидом!
Олеся, Georgia
I really enjoyed my trip in your country, and eventhough it may have been short, it certainly was packed and intense, with all those excursions and the numerous add-ons you excellently organized (Jeep, wine, the lake restaurant in the Tbilisi hills), and last but not least all our talks on Georgia’s history, past and current situation, politics etc. And thank you for sending those fotos. Upon my return I have spread the news to my family and friends to encourage them to go to see Georgia now, and not some time in the far future…
Eckhart Schleifenbaum, Germany
Русудан, добрый вечер, Хочу сказать большое спасибо от нашей маленькой группы и от себя лично за организацию нашего тура. Нам все очень понравилось. Сосо и Игорь просто замечательные! С уважением Екатерина
Ekaterina Gorchakova
Привет,Русудан! Большое спасибо тебе за твою любовь к своей стране, которой ты поделилась с нами. Ты для меня олицетворяешь молодость Грузии, свободолюбие, искренность! Желаю тебе процветания в твоем деле, ты профессионал и так держать. Надеюсь, что тебе тоже понравилось с нами:) До встречи, т.к. я замечтала вернуться!
Этери, Ukraine
Привет Русико))) Большое спасибо тебе за все-за любовь к своей стране и природе,за профессионализм,за прекрасно проведенное время в Грузии!)) Надеемся что тебе тоже понравилось с нами) Уверенны что это была не последняя наша встреча! Скоро увидимся!) Большой привет всем кого мы знаем! Отдельное спасибо Джонди за презенты!)
MICHAEL, Ukraine
We are a young couple who spent 2 weeks in Georgia during 2011 Passover Holidays. To get to Svaneti area we asked for assistance from a local tour guide by the name of Rusudan who also owns a small tour company. To make a long story short – she’s amazing. Not only that she perfectly organized the transportation and accommodation in those mountainous areas and led us to interesting sites, she also has a very broad knowledge of Georgian geography, history and nature. There was not a single question that we asked her for and have not received a reply. She speaks English and Russian. tel, website, email Quality mark: 5 (out of 5)
Vladimir Vinokur, Israel