Tbilisi “bridge of Peace” is included into the most curious bridges

January 25, 2012
Bridge of peace

Location: the river Mtkvari (Kura), Tbilisi, Georgia

Type: suspension, pedestrian

Length: 156 m

Designer: Michele De Lucchi

Pedestrian Bridge of Peace, connecting Old Tbilisi with new neighborhoods – one of the most significant buildings of the Georgian capital. Bridge with a roof of glass panels in the spirit of Norman Foster designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi with French designer illuminator Philippe Martineau. The design of the bridge built an interesting system of illumination: in the evening and at night every hour 30,000 bulbs broadcast a message in Morse code, seen on both the parapets of the bridge. It is composed of the names of the periodic table of elements that make up the human body. According to the architect, “the message – a hymn to life and peace among people and nations.” Many compared the construction of this bridge to the construction the Eiffel Tower, which connected at one time a high-tech architecture and monuments and thus change the architectural appearance of the whole of Paris.

We always visit the Bridge of Peace during Tbilisi city tour.

Bridge of peace tbilisi
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