Svaneti is the most highland and remote region of Georgia. According to administrative division of Georgia, upper Svaneti belongs to Samegrelo – Zemo Svaneti region, and lower Svaneti to Racha – Lechkhumi – Kvemo Svaneti region. But whole Svaneti is so specific, with it’s very authentic culture, traditions, own language, that is would be more correct to discuss Svaneti separately. Region is divided into two main parts – Upper Svaneti and Lower Svaneti.

Main town of upper Svaneti is Mestia and most tours start from here. Center of musch less touristic lower Svaneti is town Lentekhi.

Last 15 years Mestia became very touristic town. Here are many hotels and guesthouses, caffes, tourism information center, etc. For more information about tours in Svaneti please visit page SvanetiTrekking.com. We collaborate with local guides.

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St. Mary church in Ushguli

Archangel church in Kala

St. Barbara church in Kala

St. Kvirike and Ivlita church in Kala

St. George church in Adishi

St. George church in Ipari

Savior’s church in Tsvirmi

Kaldani family church in Mulakhi

Transfiguration church in Mestia

St. George church in Mestia

St. Marry church in Mestia

Jonah the prophet’s  church in Latali

Savior’s church in Latali

Tangili Archangel’s church in Latali

St. George’s church in Latali

Mkheri church in Latali

Savior’s church in Lenjeri

Archangel’s church in Lenjeri

Museum of history and ethnography in Mestia

Margiani historical household

Mikheil Khergiani’s museum

Ushguli historical house

Ushguli Museum

Tower of love

Chalaadi glacier

Zuruldi mountain

Koruldi lakes

Guli pass

Zagaro pass

Latpari pass

Shdugra waterfalls

Shkhara glacier