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Mtskheta-Mtianeti is region in east Georgia. It consists of several historical parts, like Khevsureti, Khevi, Aragvi gorge, Gudamakari, Ksani gorge, etc. Administrative center of the region is Mtskheta – popular touristic destination, former capital of Georgia. Entry region is popular touristic destination, especially Kazbegi area, Khevsureti and Mtskheta itself. Alshere is located famous mountain ski resort Gudauri. Beside it, here is popular rafting, in Mtiuleti Aragvi and Pshavi Aragvi rivers.

Historical regions


Highland region in east Georgia. Bordered by Khevi and Great Caucasus range from the north, Lomisa range from the west, Gudamakari from the east and Kartli from south. Province is located in White Aragvi’s gorge. Via Mtiuleti is going historical road, which is connecting central Georgia with North Caucasus, later known as Georgian Military Road, so region was much less isolated then other highland regions. Most notable place of interest here is Ananuri complex, located on the bank of river Aragvi. Also popular here is Rafting. Main holly place for local people is Lomisa church, which is located on the top of Lomisa range. Here earlier was pagan holly place.


Historical province of east Georgia. Located in the gorge of Gudamakari Aragvi. Surrounded by Great Caucasus range from the north, Gudamakari range from the west. Gorge isn’t popular tourist destination, but from here can be arranged trekking tours to Khevi province.


Pshavi is one of the historical provinces of Georgia, in modern Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. In early middle ages it was called Pkhovi, together with Khevsureti. From the north Pshavi is bordered by great Caucasus range, from the west – Khevsureti and Gudamakari, from south – Shida Kartli, and Tianeti from the east. Pshavi is divided into two communities – Ukana Pshavi, and Magaroskari. People of Pshavi – Pkhovi first are mentioned in early historical sources, that they were refusing to adopt christianity and because of this had serious conflict with central government. Christianity in Pshavi was adopted later then in lowland Georgia, only around XII century. Also in this period people of Pkhovi divided into Pshavians and Khevsurians, who still remained pagan. But till nowdays here are still strong old pagan believes. Later when Georgia was divided into many little kingdoms, Pshavi was part of Kakheti kingdom. The most well known person from Pshavi was famous Georgian poet Vaja-Pshavela (1861-1915), in his native village Chargali every year is folk festival in his honor. For tourists Pshavi is interesting also because of rafting on river Pshavis Aragvi, which is provinces main river.


One of the most interesting provinces in the region is Khevsureti, part of former Pkhovi. Khevsureti is divided into three parts – Aragvi gorge on the south slopes of Great Caucasus range, Argun and Assa gorges on the north slopes of Caucasus range. From the north Khevsureti is bordered by Chechnia and Ingusheti, from the east – Tusheti and Atsunta range, from south – Pshavi and Gudamakari and from the west Khevi and Mtiuleti. Christianity in Khevsureti was adopted during late middle ages, but till now days pagan believes here are very strong, even much stronger then in neighbor Pshavi and Mtiuleti. Region always was, and still is very isolated, that’s why here survived many old traditions, architecture, etc. and this attracts a lot of tourists. Most popular tourist destination here is Argun gorge, where is located village Shatili. The only road here goes via Datvijvari pass, which is closed from October to June, so area is accessible by car only during summer time. Other places of interest here are villages Mutso, Ardoti and Khakhabo, where medieval fortification architecture survived very well. More isolated then Argun gorge is river Assa gorge, where is located third part of Khevsureti – Arkhoti. Here isn’t car road and only was to come here is trekking. So beside cultural tours to Shatili and Mutso, very popular is trekking in Khevsureti. Tourists are attracted here by authenticity of the area, wild, untouched nature and high mountains.


Located on the north slopes of Great Caucasus range, consists of Tergi gorge, Truso gorge, Sno gorge and Dariali gorge. Here goes Georgian military road, and unlike Khevsureti isn’t so wild and isolated. Road to Khevi goes via Jvari pass, which is rarely closed during winter time. Center of the area is townlet Stepantsminda. Khevi is bordered by Khevsureti from the east, North Ossetia from the north and west, Mtiuleti and Ksani gorge from the south. Khevi – also known as Kazbegi, attracts many tourists, first of all, it is close to Tbilisi, only 3 hours of driving, also here are many popular hiking destinations, from here is also possible to hike to Khevsureti area, also mountain climbers are attracted by mountain Kazbegi (5021m). Currently big part of area belongs to Kazbegi national park.

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Kazbegi mountain

Dariali gorge

Cross pass

Datvijvari pass

Assa gorge

Chiukhi mountains

Tebulo mountain

Argun gorge

Gveleti waterfalls

Truso gorge

Kazbegi national park