Highlander travel предлагает туры в Грузии без посредников. We offer to get know Georgian culture, heritage sites and nature with Highlander travel. You can’t even imagine what a picturesque views and rich adventures are expecting you. You will be able to walk around old Tbilisi with educated guides, travel to high mountains, and visit mysterious Svaneti, with experienced mountain guides. Have vacation in Adjara seaside or take part in wine tour in Kakheti. Enjoy rafting or horseback tour.

Любые туры по Грузии по разумным ценам

First of all, Highlander travel offers you service of professional native Georgian guides, who knows the country from inside, much better then middlemen. We not only tailor individual tours, but try to meet requirements of all members of groups, as far as it is possible. We offer wide range of tours in Georgia and possibility for really good and interesting vacation in our country.

We guarantee that you will love Georgia and wish to return here many times.

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