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Discover the hidden gems of Georgia with Highlander Travel! Our expert-led tours reveal the rich culture & stunning landscapes. Join us for an unforgettable experience. Book now!

Highlander travel – a tour company based in Tbilisi, Georgia offers tours without middlemen. We offer to get to know Georgian culture, heritage sites, and nature with Highlander travel. You can’t even imagine what picturesque views and rich adventures are expecting you. You will be able to walk around old Tbilisi with educated guides, travel to high mountains, and visit mysterious Svaneti, with experienced mountain guides. Have a vacation in Adjara seaside or take part in a wine tour in Kakheti. Enjoy rafting or horseback tours.

Why you will choose our escorted tours in Georgia?

There are many amazing reasons to choose our travel and tourism services, and some of those are:

  • Rich experience and locally based
  • Certified professionals who are friendly and cooperative
  • Well-planned itineraries
  • Provisions for customizing the itinerary plans
  • Abundant choices in terms of tour packages across the country
  • Safety of the travelers is a top priority
  • No compromise with service quality
  • Excellent reviews as credentials

We offer the best rates

You will be convinced by the reasonable rates we offer for our services. The prices are affordable, according to the usual market standards. The tour budget will be easily manageable, without any hassles.

The best team of private tour guides

We have long experience and we know the best private tour guides in Georgia. We have guides who speak English, Russian, German, and even Spanish. Guides who are specializing in culture, culinary, religion, nature, and adventures. Our guides will take care of you in Georgia.

Respect for an individual approach

We expect you to describe in detail your interests and wishes to prepare the best-tailored itinerary for you. This is already half of the success!

Tours in Georgia for reasonable prices to any direction

First of all, Highlander travel offers you the service of professional native Georgian guides, who knows the country from the inside, much better than middlemen. We not only tailor individual tours but try to meet the requirements of all members of groups, as far as it is possible. We offer a wide range of tours in Georgia and the possibility for really good and interesting vacations in our country.

We guarantee that you will love Georgia and wish to return here many times.

Highlander travel isn’t just about clocking up Georgia or ticking off major sights. Of course, we’ll show you the famous attractions, but by staying an extra day here and there, and moving beyond the regular tourist areas, you’ll discover the real essence of the places we visit!

Our Mission

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Highlander Travel – Tours in Georgia is your one-stop destination for experiencing the beauty and diversity of Georgia. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, memorable, and authentic tours to our guests, so they can experience the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of this magnificent country. With a team of expert tour guides, we offer customizable tours at affordable prices, ensuring that you have a truly unforgettable experience.

Our expert tour guides are passionate about sharing their love and knowledge of Georgia with our guests. With customizable tours and affordable prices, we ensure that your trip to Georgia is tailored to your interests and budget. Furthermore, we are committed to responsible tourism, preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the country for future generations.


Meet our team of professional guides. Our guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about sharing their love of Georgia with you.
Rusudan tsiskreli
Rusudan Tsiskreli
CEO, Tour guide
Giorgi tsiklauri
Giorgi Tsiklauri
Tour manager, Guide
Perfect Trekking guide
Roma burduladze
Roman Burduladze
Driver-guide. Tusheti guide
Https://www. Georgia-tours. Eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/merab. Webp
Merab Mchedliani
Expert guide in Svaneti

Lasha tkeshelashvili
Lasha Tkeshelashvili
Guide in Svaneti

Nini khergian
Nini Khergiani
Trekking guide in Svaneti
Https://www. Georgia-tours. Eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/paata. Jpg
Paata Chkonia
Adventurer guide, guide-driver

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    Great Trip!

    Thanks to Rusudan for great travel, interest story.
    We were in the beautiful places. Mountains and waterfalls, glaciers and valleys, lakes and caves of Georgia.
    Thanks to Rusudan for your professionalism and service.

    Ilia Tsofnas

    Memorable Experience

    Best guided tour I did ever. Thanks to Rusudan for great planning, intresting places and a fabulous service. Hotel and car arrangement were professional. Thanks for introducing us a wonderful Georgia!

    Natan Goldgur

    Tour in Vardzia!

    Great tours with well thought itinareries, from popular tourist attractions to hidden places. Everything worked well, highly recommended.

    Eija Mali

    Tours to Kazbegi and Vardzia

    Winter tour!

    We had a very enjoyable comfortable trip to Georgia arranged through Ms Rusudan
    Was in touch with them before travel to know weather situation and she was updating
    Provided a very friendly professional guide to make our trips more enjoyable

    Ajith K

    Tour to Gudauri

    Perfect all in all!

    Excellent service and caring for a wonderful country.. i would highly recommend this tour guide and the country as well

    Mohamad H

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