This is round trip in transcaucasian Khevsureti. Trekking starts on Datvijvari pass (2676 m) and continues down by Argun gorge till Chechnia border, following car ground road. Then follows up river Andaki, till village Ardoti, which is last point accessible by car. Then trail follows up river Chanchakhistskali to Chanchakhi pass (2855 m) from where trail again goes to Argun gorge to Datvijvari pass.

Khevsureti trekking will take 8 days. Total walking distance around 75 km.

On the way tourists will see many abandoned villages, in Khevsurian traditional architectural style. List of places of interest on the road:

  • Lebaiskari tower
  • Kistani fortress
  • Shatili
  • Anatori graves
  • Mutso
  • Ardoti
  • Khakhabo

In the region there is poor GSM coverage.

Khevsureti trekking Itinerary

Day 1: Transportation to Datvijvari pass (2670 m). On the way stop in Korsha to visit museum. Starting trekking. Visit Lebaiskari. Camping near Kistani (2000 m).

Day 2: Visit Kistani fortress which involves a bit climbing. Trekking to Giorgitsminda gorge (1500).

Day 3: Short trek to village Shatili (1450). Walk in the village. Camp or overnight in guesthouse in Shatili. This is only place during trek where guesthouse accommodation is possible and GSM is working.

Day 4: Trekking to Mutso (1550). Camp near Mutso. On the way visit Anatori.

Day 5: Walk in Mutso. Trekking to Ardoti, visit Ardoti village. Camp near Ardoti (1650).

Day 6: Trekking to Khakhabo. Car roads are left behind and wild trails are only.

Day 7: Trekking from Khakhabo to Chanchakhi pass. Camp at Argun start (2800).

Day 8: Trekking down from Chanchakhi pass to Datvijvari pass. Transportation to Tbilisi.


Khevsureti map