Hiking in Tusheti

Duration: 3 days

Number of tourists: 12

Driving distance: 450 km

Walking distance: 20 km

Tusheti trekking or horse riding tour  – duration three days including the road. Overnights in guesthouses. Within the tour, you will be able to see: Alaverdi Cathedral, two of Tushetian valleys: Chagma and Pirikiti.

Trekking in Tusheti is very popular tourism attraction in the area. On your demand, you can also have a horse-riding or Jeep tour around this amazing part of Georgia.

Located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti is bordered by the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan to the north and east, respectively; and by the Georgian historic provinces Kakheti and Pshav-Khevsureti to the south and west, respectively. The population of the area is mainly ethnic Georgians called Tushs or Tushetians.

Historically, Tusheti comprised four mountain communities: the Tsova (living in the Tsova Gorge), the Gometsari (living along the banks of the Tushetis Alazani River), the Pirikiti (living along the banks of the Pirikitis Alazani River) and the Chaghma, living close to the confluence of the two rivers). Administratively speaking, Tusheti is now part of the municipality of Akhmeta, itself part of Georgia’s eastern region of Kakheti. The largest village in Tusheti is Omalo. Hiking in Tusheti is very popular tourism attraction in the area.

Day 1: Tbilisi – Alaverdi – Lower Omalo – Shenako – Diklo – Pichekhi Castles

  • At 7 am a departure from Tbilisi to the direction of Alaverdi Cathedral through the Gombori pass.
  • After visiting Alaverdi Cathedral we will drive to the direction of Tusheti. On the way, we will have a lunch in nature. Even the road takes 7 hours from Tbilisi, you will not feel tiredness. All the time of driving you will have unbelievable views of Caucasus mountains covered with a lot of springs and some glaciers.
  • Around 14:00 pm we’ll be in Kvemo Omalo. Kvemo Omalo is the administrative center of Tusheti. From here will start the second round of your adventures.
  • After a short rest, we’ll drive and visit Shenako and Diklo. Shenako is one of the most interesting villages of Тusheti with its proud history and local people. In Diklo we’ll walk to Pichekhi Castles. This was the main fortress on the border of Dagestan, which left one of the saddest histories of this amazing area.
  • After an interesting day, we will arrive in Upper Omalo to stay in a guest house, where we’ll have a dinner, with chacha and wine degustation and free time to relax. (D/B/L)

(Walking distance 3 km)

Day 2: Trekking or  horse riding on Unagira mountain (3050m)

  • At 9 am we’ll have breakfast.
  • After breakfast, we’ll continue trekking or horse riding in Tusheti and go to Unagira mountain. (3050m) From here you will have picturesque views on both: Pirikiti and Gometsari valley. From the top of the range, you will see villages: Bochorna, Dartlo, Kvavlo and Chesho. This trekking route is the most beautiful from the middle of June until the middle of July, with flowering Rhododendron and a small lake on the top of the range. After this period flowering is over and lake disappears but the views are still impressive. (Walking distance 16 km. At desire, instead of trekking tour we can also offer you the horse riding tour)
  • At the evening we’ll go back to the guest-house in Omalo where we’ll have dinner and free time to relax. (D/B/L)

(Walking or horseriding distance 16 km; Minimal altitude: 1900 m; Maximal altitude: 3050m)

III-Day: Keselo castles – Museum in Lower Omalo – Tbilisi

  • At 9 am we’ll have breakfast.
  • After breakfast, we’ll visit the Keselo Castels and museum in lower Omalo. Then we’ll arrive back to Tbilisi. On the way, we’ll have a lunch in nature. Here our Tusheti trekking tour finishes. (B/L)


Price list for Tusheti trekking tour (3 days)

PAX 1 2 3 4 5 6
Price in USD  665  375 275 230 200 180

Price includes: Transportation, English and Russian speaking driver-guide, Overnight in Tusheti guesthouse with 3 meals per day, Lunch in nature, Hiking Guide.

Price doesn’t include: At desire, meal at the restaurant (15-20 GEL per person).

Price list for Tusheti Horse ridding tour (3 days)

PAX 1 2 3 4 5 6
Price in USD  765  435 325 270 235 220

PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation with English and Russian speaking guide; Hiking guide; Guesthouse in Omalo with 2 meals and one lunch per day (2 nights); Price for horses and horse guide

PRICE DOESN’T INCLUDE: Price for souvenirs;