Shida Kartli

General information

Shida Kartli is region in central Georgia. Modern administrative division almost repeats provinces historical borders. ShidaKartli is bordered by Likhi range from the west, Trialeti range from the south, Great Caucasus range from the north and river Aragvi from the east. Administrative center of the region is town Gori, known because it is birth place of Stalin, and it was heavily damaged during Georgia – Russia war in 2008. In the city is Stalin’s museum, popular destination for tourists. North part of the region is currently occupied by Russia, so called South Ossetia, and it is impossible to travel there. Currently Mtskheta town itself and its district are in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, but historicaly Mtskheta always used to be not only in the region Kartli, but it was its center. Shida Kartli is less known as wine making region then Kakheti, but here are local native types of grapes, and wines, so it is possible to combine tour in Shida Kartli with wine tour. Here we have two wine cellars and one wine factory. In the region most popular is cultural tourism, because Shida Kartli is reach with historical monuments – mostly churches. The most interesting site in the area is ancient carved in the rock town Uplistsikhe.

Area: 5,729 km2

Population: 254,081

Main city: Gori

Places of interest

Ateni Sioni
Gori fortress
Stalin museum in Gori
Surami fortress
Rkoni monastery
Kintsvisi church
Kvatakhevi monastery

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