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Plane a weekend tour in Georgia with unforgettable fairs, festivals and must-see attractions.

Two day tour to Kazbegi

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Tour to north of Georgia, following ancient trade road to the north Caucasus – better known as Georgian military road. Crossing great Caucasus range at Jvari pass and spending unforgettable days surrounded by high mountains and narrow gorges.
Best period: from April to October.
Price of tour starts from 75$

2 day tour to Khevsureti

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Khevsureti is one of the most isolated historical province of Georgian highlands. Khevsureti lies on the both slopes of Great Caucasus range and is divided into three parts. Destination of our tour is the most famous part of Khevsureti –village Shatili – famous because it’s original medieval architecture, but beside Shatili tourists will see many other even more interesting places, enjoy untouched nature and feel like time travelers to the deep meddle ages.
This places are accessible by car only from middle of June till middle of October.

Long Georgian Wine tour in Kakheti

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Ujarma fortress
Ikalto monastery
Gremi historical complex
Alaverdi monastery
Nekresi monastery
Kvareli wine cellar
Gurjaani wine cellar
“Pheasant tears” wine cellar

Weekend tour to Vardzia

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The tour takes place in a region of Samtskhe-Javakheti. On their way from and to Tbilisi tourists will pass regions Kvemo Kartli and Shida Kartli.
Central point of the tour is Vardzia cave monastery complex in upper valley of the river Mtkvari, which used to be main transit road between central Georgia and Turkey, earlier Byzantium. So this places used to play important role in medieval Georgian politics, economics and culture. That's why here are located so many historical monuments on a comparatively small area.
from 65$