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Various tours in Georgia country – walk in old Tbilisi, explore Svaneti and Tusheti, the most remote regions of Caucasus. We offer almost all kind of tours in Georgia – Adventures, jeep tours, cultural tours, wine tours, horse tours and trekking in Caucasus mountains. You can browse tours by categories, order directly from the site. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, we will tailor Georgian tour specially for your needs and interests.

Two day tour to Kazbegi

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Tour to north of Georgia, following ancient trade road to the north Caucasus – better known as Georgian military road. Crossing great Caucasus range at Jvari pass and spending unforgettable days surrounded by high mountains and narrow gorges.
Best period: from April to October.
Price of tour starts from 75$

Svaneti tour in paradise

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New 6 day tour to Svaneti with Highlander travel. During the tour tourists will visit the most important places on the way – ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, which is listed by UNESCO as world heritage site, carved in rock ancient pagan city – Uplistsikhe and Gelati monastery and academy near Kutaisi – also UNESCO’s world heritage site. After this tourists will continue to Svaneti and learn unique cultural heritage of this misterious highland land and see it’s wild nature. Tour includes visiting museums and historical districts of Mestia, where are saved ancient Svan towers and houses, Latali village with it’s unique churches, and remote village Ushguli – also belongs to UNESCO heritage sites. Beside this tourists will hike to Chalaadi glacier, and ride to Ushba plateau to lakes Koruldi.

Wine, mountains and sea – best tour in Georgia

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Highlander travel offers fascinating tour in Georgia, during which tourists will see capital of Georgia – Tbilisi, learn about wine making traditions, visit town Signagi. Travel to the most highland and picturesque region of Caucasus – Svaneti, and rest in town – pearl of the Black sea – Batumi. And return to Tbilisi via Lesser Caucasus mountains, travel via Georgia's historical cultural center. This very unique tour gives you opportunity to explore all country during one tour. Give yourself unforgettable vacation to Georgia - country which loves you!

Jeep tours in Samtskhe-Javakheti

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Jeep tour in Uraveli gorge - Visitors to this area become acquainted with the oldest villages of Meskheti where historic, cultural and ethnographical monuments are preserved.

Saro - Varevani - Toki - Javakheti plateau is one of the most interesting and attractive areas to visit, with valleys, flields full of colourful flowers, a great number of historic and cultural sights and natural monuments. In the villages there are many typical Meskhi houses, terraces, irrigation canals.

Ninotsminda - Saghamo lake - Poka - Paravani lake - Abuli fortress - Shaori fortress - Samsari monastery - At 1500-2000 meters above sea level, the Javakheti plateau offers a wide range of sights including sweeping grassland plains, high craggy mountain peaks, deep canyons and river gorges, broadwetlands and numerous fresh water alpine lakes. The trade routes between Armenia and Bizantium went through this area. Lakes to be visited include Saghamo and Paravani.

Eco tours in Kvemo Kartli

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I offer two eco tours to the interesting and "hidden" architectural monuments of south Georgia. Many interesting places are located in deep gorges, far from settlements and modern roads, so it is impossible to add them to cultural tour. The goal of both tours is to reach such hidden in gorge and forests monasteries, and have nice walk of course, in beautiful nature. These are Gudarekhi monastery hiking, and Pitareti monastery hiking tours.

2 day tour to Khevsureti

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Khevsureti is one of the most isolated historical province of Georgian highlands. Khevsureti lies on the both slopes of Great Caucasus range and is divided into three parts. Destination of our tour is the most famous part of Khevsureti –village Shatili – famous because it’s original medieval architecture, but beside Shatili tourists will see many other even more interesting places, enjoy untouched nature and feel like time travelers to the deep meddle ages.
This places are accessible by car only from middle of June till middle of October.

Hiking in Vardzia surroundings

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Upper Tmogvi

Upper valley of Mtkvari, surrounded by Javakheti plateau and Erusheti mountains, has not only beautiful nature, but is extremely reach by historical monuments. Apart from cultural tour in this region we offer several hiking tours. Recommended period for hiking is from April till November.

  • 3 day hiking in Erusheti mountains
  • 1 day hiking to Tavkvetura
  • 1 day hiking from Gelsunda to Tmogvi fortress
  • 2 day hiking from Kumurdo to Khertvisi
  • 2 day hiking from Nijgori to Aspindza
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