One Day Tours In Georgia

//One Day Tours In Georgia

One Day Tours in Georgia – various sightseeing places are there in Georgia that could be viewed in one day.

Vashlovani and Signagi day tour

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Vashlovani and Signagi day tour main highlights: Eagle canyon Khornabuji fortress Bodbe monastery Signagi town Vashlovani and Signagi day tour takes place in south Kakheti, small historical region known as Kiziki. First our destination will be town Dedoplistskaro, where is located Vashlovani national park visitors center.  National park's main attractions are pretty far from

Experience real winter in Georgia

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If you wish to experience real winter in Georgia - high peaks of Caucasus all covered by white snow, then we invite you to Gudauri resort. One day tour in Gudauri - ski resort just 3 hours drive from Tbilisi, high in Caucasus mountains, near the Cross path. We offer you one day tour to

Kakheti tour in one day – Town of love

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Ujarma fortress - III-VII centuries
Ikalto monastery and academy - VI - XII centuries
Alaverdi cathedral - XI century
Gremi historical complex - XV-XVII centuries
Tsinandali museum
Cozy medieval town Signagi, also called town of love
From 25 $

Old Tbilisi city tour

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Tour starts at Metekhi plateau, from where is perfect panoramic view to the old city - Narikala fortress, Bath district, Meidan, Kala district, Betlemi district - so tourists can have a look to the all old city, which will explore next few hours. Here is located also statue of king Vakhang Gorgasali - founder of Tbilisi, and tourists will learn about history of the city.
From 15 $

Mtskheta, Gori and Uplistsikhe tour

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Uplistsikhe cave town – the most important and interesting monument in Kartli region. Carved in rock ancient town, built in VI BC, used to be spiritual center of pagan Georgia. Here are remains of amphitheater, several temples and market place. Town has been abandoned since XIII century.
From 30 $

Tour to Mtskheta

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Region: Mtskheta - Mtianeti and optionally Shida Kartli. Mtskheta – ancient capital of east Georgia, from IV century BC. After moving political center to Tbilisi, Mtskheta remained as spiritual center of the country. Once more it became political center – in X – IX centuries, while Tbilisi was still occupied by Arabs and known as Tbilisi emirate. Currently it is little town 20 km from Tbilisi.

City tour in Tbilisi

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Tbilisi – the capital and the biggest city of Georgia, with long and dramatic history. Founded as a fortress between major towns Mtskheta and Rustavi in IV century, it became capital at the beginning of VI century. It was ruined and rebuilt many times. Many legends are connected with the city's past days. Tbilisi has seen many different rulers during history, Georgians and foreigner conquerors. Tbilisi located on crossroads of cultures used to be the center of south Caucasus in XIX century, and has mixed up both, eastern and western cultures.
From 25 $