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Mystic south Georgia tour

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South Georgia tour covers Samtskhe-Javakheti region, located on south-west from Tbilisi. The most popular attractions here are Vardzia cave monastery complex and Borjomi park, but this is even less then top of iceberg. We offer 4 day tour which will cover not only the mos popular destinations, but also we will go off beaten

Upper Vardzia monastery

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Another spiritual currently known as Zeda  (upper)  Vardzia that is earlier compared to Vardzia Monastery is located north-westward of the latter, in the middle of a small gorge,  upstream the Kura River, its main construction – Mother of God church has survived till nowadays.  This monument made of hewn stone blocks has got two naves 

National parks of Georgia list

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National parks of Georgia - еhere are up to 30 protected and planed protected areas in Georgia, totally it is 7% of whole territory of the country. Each one is created to protect local natural heritage. Georgia isn't big country, but we have luck to have big diversity of landscapes. Highlander travel offers naturalist tours

Jeep tour in Samtskhe-Javakheti

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Samtskhe-Javakheti – historical heart of ancient Georgia. Region is very reach with historical monuments and many of them are hard to reach by regular transport. Region has also big variety of different landscapes – mountains covered by pine forests in Borjomi gorge, and Abastumani resort, alpine meadows and lakes in Javakheti and narrow canyon of

Jeep tours in Samtskhe-Javakheti

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Jeep tour in Uraveli gorge - Visitors to this area become acquainted with the oldest villages of Meskheti where historic, cultural and ethnographical monuments are preserved.

Saro - Varevani - Toki - Javakheti plateau is one of the most interesting and attractive areas to visit, with valleys, flields full of colourful flowers, a great number of historic and cultural sights and natural monuments. In the villages there are many typical Meskhi houses, terraces, irrigation canals.

Ninotsminda - Saghamo lake - Poka - Paravani lake - Abuli fortress - Shaori fortress - Samsari monastery - At 1500-2000 meters above sea level, the Javakheti plateau offers a wide range of sights including sweeping grassland plains, high craggy mountain peaks, deep canyons and river gorges, broadwetlands and numerous fresh water alpine lakes. The trade routes between Armenia and Bizantium went through this area. Lakes to be visited include Saghamo and Paravani.

Hiking in Vardzia surroundings

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Upper Tmogvi

Upper valley of Mtkvari, surrounded by Javakheti plateau and Erusheti mountains, has not only beautiful nature, but is extremely reach by historical monuments. Apart from cultural tour in this region we offer several hiking tours. Recommended period for hiking is from April till November.

  • 3 day hiking in Erusheti mountains
  • 1 day hiking to Tavkvetura
  • 1 day hiking from Gelsunda to Tmogvi fortress
  • 2 day hiking from Kumurdo to Khertvisi
  • 2 day hiking from Nijgori to Aspindza

Georgia – classical tour

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Want to taste the best wines, learn about the oldest wine making traditions and modern technologies, see medieval fortresses and churches, beautiful nature, take a drive on one of the most extreme roads – legendary Georgian military road to the great Caucasus mountains with the experienced driver and pass the cross pass, enjoy a view on the permanently snowy peak Kazbegi and waterfalls coming from the glacier, visit the antic carved- in- rock city and UNESCO world heritage sites, churches built at the dawn of Christianity, call at the famous for its mineral water resorts and taste it directly from the springs, drive via ancient silk road, see the ruins of the bronze age fortress and visit the lakes above 2000 meters from the sea level? Wander if all this is possible in one single tour? If the tour takes place in Georgia, then the answer is definitely YES!

Classical tour in Georgia includes Tbilisi city tour, Kakheti cultural and wine tours, Kazbegi, Kutaisi and Mesklheti tours. It is available for everyone and almost any time of year!

New tourism offer in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

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Winter in Borjomi-Kharagauli national park! Trekking in winter available for everyone! Borjomi - Kharagauli National Park Administration has organized training on guiding techniques of snow shoe tour. National Park Visitor Services Specialist, three guide from the region and two National Park rangers attended the training. The training course was conducted by Polish expert Tomek Przybilzsky.

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