Metekhi church

Tbilisi Metekhi temple is located in one of the old neighborhoods of the city – Avlabari. According to the legend the temple was built in the reign of King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the end of V c. AD. The legend claims as well st. martyr Shushanik, spouse of Varsken Pitiakhshi of Kartli to be buried […]

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Sioni is Tbilisi cathedral temple. Built in the name of Dormition of the Mother of God in the Old City, on the river bank, it has been destroyed several times, the most devastating of which took place in 1225, during the invasion of Khorezmians. Apparently the original building was built sometime in the turn of […]

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Anchiskhati is the earliest of Tbilisi churches. It is located on the right bank of the Mtkvari river in Kala, one of the neighborhoods of the old city. The original building built of neatly hewn stones is dated back by the early VI c. AD. Mother of God church of Anchiskhati was built by the […]

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