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The best adventure tours in Georgia – Caucasus are here!

Georgia is recognized as one of the best destinations for adventure tours in Europe. Trekking in Georgia is very popular among tourists from all over the world. Trekking and horse riding adventures in Georgia! Our hiking tours have a few characteristics that will exceed your expectations… Join us and be sure we’ll make your visit to Georgia memorable! We are leading company in organizing treks in the most popular areas like SvanetiKazbegiTusheti and Khevsureti. We are also working with the best trekking guides in Georgia to give excellent service quality to our clients and find and add off beaten treks. We have several interesting horse riding routes in different parts of country, for any level.

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Atsunta pass trekking

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Khevsureti is historical province in high mountains, north-east Georgia, on the both slopes of great Caucasus range. Tusheti is located on the north slopes of great Caucasus range, from the west it borders with Khevsureti, and these provinces are divided by Atsunta range. North is Chechnia, border is on Pirikita range, and on the east is Dagestan, border is on Akazma range.