One day wine tour in Kakheti

One day wine tour in Kakheti

Wine making is very important part of Georgian culture. Georgia is little country, but rich with different varieties of grapes, wine micro zones, and wines of course.  That’s why we offer wine tours in different regions of Georgia. Kakheti is the most well known wine making region – Alazani valley is full of vineyards – Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Khikhvi, Mtsvane – main grape varieties.

Tsinandali museum, modern wine making.

  • Famous Alazani valley
  • Kvareli, Kindzmarauli korporation wine factory.
  • “Gvirabi” huge wine cellar in tunnel. 
  • Ancient wine cellar.
  • Traditional Georgian dinner.
  • Bio wines “Pheasant tears”
  • Signagi – town of love

wine tour500 out of world-known 2000 grape species are Georgian. According to archaeological excavations, Georgians started cultivating grapes and making wines in VI millennium BC, so Georgia is considered as cradle of wine.

The best and most well-known Georgian wines are from region Kakheti, Alazani valley, which has warm and dry climate – best for growing grapes. In this tour tourists will learn all about wine making and history of Georgian wines, visit different cellars and factory, taste different wines, so learn all – from ancient technologies to modern day wine making, also find out what is difference between Georgian and European wine making technology. The tour will be finished with traditional Georgian dinner – sufra, which also has interesting background. So, during wine tour to Kakheti  we will introduce to our tourists, as much as possible, varieties of Georgian wines.

Number of persons
Price in USD per pax 155 $ 130 $ 110 $ 108 $ 105 $ 100 $ 97 $ 95 $

*Price might change in future. *Price includes: transportation, guide service, museum entrance fees, wine tastings included in tour, dinner. wine tour