Highlander travel offers 5 day horse back riding tour in Svaneti for people who already have experience in horse riding. For amateurs we offer one day horse tours to Koruldi lake or Zuruldi mountain horse tour in Svaneti from Mestia.

We are making horse tours in Svaneti since 2012 year, so have great experience and logistics.

Five day professional horse tour doesn’t include arrival and departure from Svaneti, so in general it will be at least one week tour. Horse route goes from Mestia to Ushguli, via Jabeshi, Adishi and Iprali, and back to Mestia via car road.

Day 1 After breakfast horse tour starts. Tourists ride from Mestia to Adishi. Experienced guide will lead you and give all nessesary instructions. Village Mulaki, Ugviri pass and by trails with magnificant views to mountain Tetnuldi travelers will reach Adishi village. Overnight and dinner in guesthouse. Distance ~25 km

Day 2 The most difficult day. Continue road in gorge Adishis chala and up to the Chkhutnieri path – 2700 m. Above the sea level. From here are the most beautiful views to Tetnuldi glacier. After the path, trail goes down to the former village Halde in very beautiful gorge. This day tourists will reach village Ushguli listed in UNESCO world heritage sites. Distance ~ 30 km

Day 3 This day is easy day. Walk in Ushguli village. Ride or hike to glacier of Shkhara – the highest peak of Georgia 5068 m. And return to the guesthouse. Distance 15 km

Day 4 Today group will ride via car oad to the village Tsvirmi, passing Ipari. Tsvirmi is not very touristical village but located in very beautiful place. Distance 35 km.

Day 5 Return to Mestia via trails of village Ieli, former village Heshkili – from where are really excelent views to mountains of great Caucasus range. Return to Mestia via Hatsvali road. Here our horse tour ends. Tour package includes:

  • B&B In Mestia 2 night.
  • Guesthouses FB in Adishi, Ushguli and Tsvirmi.
  • Lunch on the first day of ride.
  • Horses with saddles
  • Guide
  • For groups more then 6 pax luggage transfer to Ushguli and from Ushguli to Mestia.

Doesn’t includes:

  • Dinner in Mestia
  • Travel to Mestia and from Mestia
  • Insurance.
  • Riding equipment
PAX 2 4 6 8 10 12
Price in USD  676$  531$  552$  514$ 492$  480$