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Group tours from Tbilisi

Until 29 April we decided to make group tours in English and/or Russian languages (depends on group participants) to various locations. Here is our schedule. Minimal number of participants – 2 persons. Price is given per person.

One day tours from Tbilisi – Schedule and list

Jvari monastery, Mtskheta

Prise: 25 USD

Duration: 3-4 hours.
Distance: 100 km.

10:00 Meeting guide. Drive to ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. First of all we will visit famous Jvari monastery («Cross monastery»), built in VI century on top of hill, from where is perfect view on town Mtskheta and surroundings.

Mtskheta – ancient capital of east Georgia, from IV century BC. After moving political center to Tbilisi, Mtskheta remained as spiritual center of the country. Once more it became political center – in X – IX centuries, while Tbilisi was still occupied by Arabs and known as Tbilisi emirate. Currently it is little town 20 km from Tbilisi. Here are prechristianity archaeological and Christianity architectural monuments, which are recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. Trip covers the most important monuments in Mtskheta.

Svetitskhoveli cathedral XI century – the most respected holy place in Georgia, also very important architectural monument of Georgia. Also is burial place of Georgian kings and their offspring till modern time.

Samtavro monastery – built in XI century. Here are graves of first christian king and queen of Georgia.

Price includes:

  • Guided tour according to the itinerary;
  • Guide service.
  • Comfortable vehicle

Old Tbilisi city tour

Стоимость: 25 USD

Group tour

Tbilisi – marvelous capital city of Georgia, вis mixture of West and East, Past and Present.  Here every street, every building has own charm. Name of the city comes from the word «Tbili» – «Warm». And really this city is so warm. Who has been in Tbilisi once, wishes to return here more and more.

Duration: 4-5 hours.

Distance: walking tour.


Metekhi church – Narikala fortress – Sulfur bath – Mosque– Meidan square – Shardeni street – Sioni churchAnchiskhati church – Bridge of Peace

Baratashvili avenue – Freedom square

Price includes:

  • Guide service.

Kakheti, Alazani valley

Kvareli – Nekresi – Gremi – Telavi – Tsinandali

Price 55 USD per person

Duration: 9-11 hours.

Distance: 400 km.

09:00 Meet guide. First destination will be town Kvareli with famous wine tunnel  (drive 2,5 hours). This is a huge wine empire, formed in 2004, with a chain of stores throughout the country and factories in Imereti and Kakheti. “Hareba” produces different kinds of wines, as well as grape oil. In the village of Kvareli there is a very famous wine storehouse in Georgia, which is a tunnel with a length of 7700 meters. It is known as the “Quartier Tunnel”. This in itself is a tourist attraction. Around the tunnel there is a park with lawns and fountains in the form of huge Kvevri, as well as a wine shop. Above the tunnel on the mountainside is the luxurious Saperavi restaurant with a stunning view of the Alazani Valley. We have a tour of the winery according to the program. At will (for additional fee) you can taste local wine.

After Kvareli we will visit Nekresi monastery of VI century.  From that monastery are the best views of Alazani valley.

Next stop will be Gremi architectural monument of XVI century.

After this we will visit capital of Kakheti region – town Telavi, located in Alazani valley (half hour drive from Gremi).

Tsinandali museum – The complex in Tsinandali embraces the memorial house, a landscape garden, a historical winery, wine cellar, hotel and a café. The vineyards have been restored and wine production has resumed. We offer you a pleasurable and informative experience: you will look into the background of the noble Chavchavadze family, who played a significant part in the national history; enjoy the views of the garden, have a look at the winery and sample the “Tsinandali” (first produced by the Chavchavadzes) etc. Georgian wines and round off the visit at the historical hotel.  Return to Tbilisi.

Price includes:

  • Tours according to the itinerary;
  • Guide service;
  • Comfortable vehicle.

Price doesn’t include:

Entrance fees ~ 10 USD per person (Kvareli, Nekresi, Gremi, Tsinandali).

Kazbegi Tour

Ananuri – Gudauri – Kazbegi – Gergeti Trinity Church – Dariali gorge – Sno

Price 40 USD Per person

During winter tour can be canceled due weather issues. Gergeti trinity church is not guaranteed, depends on weather.

Duration: 11 hours.

Distance: 400 km.

08:00 Meet guide.

One day Kazbegi tour is an excursion to one of the most picturesque regions of Georgia – Kazbegi, along famous Georgian military road. During the excursion tourists will view Jinvali water reserve and visit Ananuri fortress, which belongs to XIV-XVII centuries, drive though beautiful Aragvi gorge, via winter ski resort Gudauri, and will cross the Cross path – at altitude 2395 m above the sea level.

Enjoying amazing mountain views. Tourists will also taste local mineral water, which contains iron and afterwards arrive to town Stephantsminda, the center of Kazbegi region. This route was used from ancient times to connect North Caucasus to the central Georgia. 4×4 drive to the Gergeti trinity church located on altitude 2200 m above the sea level. If you are lucky and weather is clear, you will see mount Kazbegi – 5047 m above the sea level. Drive in Dariali gorge – the north gates of Georgia. Currently in this gorge is Georgia-Russia border and the only pass. In the evening return to Tbilisi.

Price includes:

  • Guide service;
  • Comfortable vehicle;

David Gareji – Bodbe– Signagi

Price 45 USD per person

Duration: 10 hours.

Distance: 350 km.

09:00 Meet guide.

David Gareja and Signagi  tour takes place in the south part of region Kakheti, east Georgia. The first destination of the excursion is one of the well known historical monuments of east Georgia – David Gareja monastery complex. Monastery complex was founded in VI century, and during middle ages used to be important religious and cultural center. Actually the complex consists of 20 monasteries spreed in Gareja desert, but in touristic routes are included only two of them – Lavra, and Udabno caves. Lavra is the central monastery of the complex and Udabno is well known because of its frescoes in the caves. Udabno is located on the top of range and hiking there from Lavra takes about 40 minutes. Exactly on the top of the range is state border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, so tourists will hike exactly on the border line. Chailuri fortress is located on the left bank of the river Chailuris khevi. It is a typical fortress of XVI century.

Bodbe monastery – founded on the place where according to the most historical sources died st. Nino, convertor of Georgia. Currently it is nunnery. The main church belongs to XI century. Inside the church is the grave of st Nino.

Signagi – town founded in XVIII century as center of south Kakheti region. It is popular tourist destination, because of its location – on the Gombori range, from where tourists can enjoy picturesque view of Alazani valley and great Caucasus range and also because its original architecture. In Signagi there are many restaurants, casino, wine cellar – “Peasant’s tears”, where tourists can taste wines and learn a lot about wine making traditions of Georgia and school and exhibition of hand made carpets. After visiting Signagi, driving back to Tbilisi.

Price includes:

  • Guide service;
  • Comfortable vehicle.

Gori – Ateni Sioni – Uplistsikhe

Price 45 USD per person

Duration: 7-8 hours.

Distance: 220 km.

09:00 Meet guide.

Town Gori is famous as birthplace of soviet dictator Stalin. It is administrative center of Shida Kartli region. Famous landmark here is Joseph Stalin’s birthplace and museum.

Uplistsikhe cave town – the most important and interesting monument in Kartli region. Carved in rock ancient town, built in VI BC, used to be spiritual center of pagan Georgia. Here are remains of amphitheater, several temples and market place. Town has been abandoned since XIII century.

Ateni Sioni church – architectural monument of VII century.

Price includes:

  • Guide service
  • Comfortable vehicle.

Price does not include:

Entrance fees ~ 10 USD per person (Stalin museum, Uplistsikhe).

Pearls of Kakheti

Gremi – Ikalto– Alaverdi– Telavi– Tsinandali

Price 50 USD per person

Duration: 9-10 hours.

Distance: 350 km.

09:00 Meeting with the guide. We will head to the Gremi Fortress – an architectural monument of the 16th century in the Kakheti region (175 km east of Tbilisi). The fortress town of Gremi was the capital of the Kakheti kingdom in the 16th-17th centuries and a lively trade point of the Great Silk Road. The city, presumably, occupied an area of ​​40 hectares and consisted of three main parts – the church of the Archangels, the royal residence and the shopping district. In 1615 the troops of Shah Abbas I razed him to the ground. Since then, the city has never gained its former prosperity, and in the middle of the 17th century the kings of Kakheti moved their capital to Telavi. All that is left today from the once prosperous city of Gremi is the fortress with the church of the Archangels. The complex of the Church of the Archangels is located on a hill and consists of the Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, a bell tower, a three-story palace and a wine cellar (“marani”). The complex is surrounded by a wall, with towers and embrasures. Remains of a secret underground passage leading to the river have been preserved. Several church archaeological exhibits and a gun from the 16th century are on display in the church bell tower.

Further we will go towards Ikalto Monastery. The Ikalto monastery complex is in fact the very first monastery in Kakheti. There are only three temples and an economic building. In the past, at the monastery was also the Academy. Ikalto Monastery was founded in the 6th century by Zenon Ikaltoisky, one of 13 Assyrian fathers. From the buildings of that era, there is nothing left. The existing temples are erected, at the earliest, in the 8th century. In the same period on the territory of the monastery were built wine presses for grapes and wine stores, partially preserved to this day. In the 12th century, under the reign of David the Builder, the Assumption Cathedral was built and the Academy building was added. This academy was one of the important cultural and educational centers of Georgia and went down in history by the fact that Shota Rustaveli studied there. In 1616 Shah Abbas burned down the academy, which was never restored. Since that moment the monastery almost ceased to exist and was restored only in the XIX century.

Our next destination is Alaverdi monastery (a half hour drive from Ikalto). Alaverdi is a monastery of St. George, founded in the VI century by Joseph Alaverdeli, one of 13 Assyrian fathers. The word “Alaverdi” literally translates as “granted by God.” St. Joseph of Alaverdi with paternal love took care of all-round spiritual enlightenment of the whole Kakheti. With a cross in his hands, Joseph, often leaving his native monastic seclusion, went in different directions to preach the Word of God. The small church of St. George was laid in Alaverdi near Iosif. In 570, Joseph died and was buried here, in this church. At the beginning of XI century, King Kvirike-Kakhi, in the place where this small church stood, erected a magnificent cathedral, which is considered to be one of the largest cathedrals in Georgia. Since the XI century the cathedral also became a burial place for Kakhetian kings. Monastery of Alaverdi was a powerful focus of manuscript and educational activities in Georgia. Very different Georgian calligraphers and writers worked fruitfully at different times. The whole architectural ensemble is surrounded by a strong fortress wall and organically consists of buildings for various purposes. Here in the XVII-XVIII centuries. For a long time the women’s monastery was functioning, where noble royalty people lived, who accepted monasticism.

Further our way lies in the capital of the Kakheti region – the city of Telavi, located directly in the Alazani Valley (en route 40 minutes). For a long time Telavi was the residence of Kartli-Kakheti king Erekle II (Irakli II). We will visit the palace of King Erekle II (1744 – 1762 gg.). The view of the palace was changed several times, but at the last restoration, according to scientists, it was restored the same as it was under the tsar himself. In the vicinity of Telavi there are the largest vineyards in Georgia.

From Telavi we go to the Tsinandali estate (20 minutes drive from Telavi) – to the house museum of Alexander Chavchavadze, which attracts visitors with its history and a beautiful park stretching for 700 sq. Km. Alexander Chavchavadze (1786 – 1846) – Lieutenant-General, a prominent public figure, a talented poet and writer. Many of his songs are so common in the Georgian people that they are considered folk songs. In the estate of Chavchavadze there were AS Pushkin, AS Griboyedov, Decembrists. It was at the prince’s initiative that the traditional handicraft production of Georgian wine was transferred to an industrial base. Nina Chavchavadze (daughter of A. Chavchavadze) was the wife of A. Griboyedov. We will take a look at the house museum and take a walk in the park. Here you can make wonderful photos against the beautiful nature and taste the wine in the local cellar. Return to Tbilisi.

Price includes:

  • Guide service;
  • comfortable vehicle.

Price does not include:

Entrance fees ~ 6 USD per person (Gremi, Tsinandali).

Tours from Tbilisi will be in groups up to 6 persons.  Contact us for more info. Inquiry about tour which is interesting for you.

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